August 11, 2010

Bloomin' Garden

I just came back in from watering the garden....unfortunately no foreseeable rain in the next 5 days :( I will be enlisting the kids to haul water down to fill the buckets in the next few days hehe. It's good muscle exercise!!

Everyone has been talking about the bees this summer, and asking me if I have seen any. No I hadn't, not until recently. But they had to have been around, because my original 2 cucumber plants have been producing for weeks. We are averaging 3-4 cucumbers from these two plants every other day. Some are wonky looking, like this one:
Believe it or not, those are both pickling cucumbers! And that is my 12 year old son's hand next to the bigger one. This is a warning, check under ALL leaves, even the ones escaping outside the fence. I would guess that I "missed" this one for about 2 weeks, minimum.

And I finally gave up on the left side of the garden....the brussel sprouts and broccoli never did amount to anything. So my raised bed garden that measures 24ft by 3ft, is actually only being used in about 12ft by 3ft. but that's ok, because I am amazed at how well it is doing in that space!

The green beans have been flowering like mad for over a week.....

Which gives us tons of itty bitty green beans.

The tomatoes are only 2 ft tall now, and we may get lucky and get some fruit from them. I know better now not to start the seeds in the house...they all died when transplanted. Next time, right into the ground they go. These were seeds planted into the ground. Once they sprouted it didn't take them long to grow. According to Farmer's Almanac, we aren't supposed to see our first heavy frost until September 30th...I'm hoping, so I might get some from this little batch. If not, my ex has TONS of plants with more tomatoes than he knows what to do with, so he said he would gladly share. What a good ex!

Sorry this one is a little blurry, the bad arm was shaking hehe. Our corn is looking great! This ear is actually about 10 inches or so long, so think it may be time to pick it. The silk can't be seen anymore...need to look that up, when to pick. Funny the things you don't think of until the last minute.

And the carrots are going great guns!
I don't think they will be very long, as the bed isn't as deep as I would have liked, but maybe nice fat yummy ones! I don't like carrots but two of my kiddos love them.

And here we have the attack of the cucumbers! I didn't realize that they would crawl and take over half the area...could have planted them at the other end lol. I have managed to corral them up onto the fence for the most part. We will be over run with cucumbers soon.

This first shot is on the backside of the garden. I have to keep taking the cucumber plants off the bikes, as they keep attaching their tendrils to the spokes of the wheels. The kids have to keep their bikes locked here, so no other option. The second shot is of the front of the garden. This is where I have had to do the most corralling. The cucumbers were attaching to the green beans, the carrots, everything. I think I might actually have them under control (at least that is what they are letting me think).

And last but not least......peas
I didn't plant a lot of these because my daughter and I are the only ones who eat them. I also didn't know if they would actually amount to anything. When they were a bit smaller, I had to let them climb the corn, because they couldn't reach the fence. Now they are going great, probably about 3ft or so high, and just started flowering in the last few days.

All in all, for my first garden, and zero experience, I don't think I have done too bad. I have been reading blogs and books for more information, keeping a notebook for reference, and can't wait until I can do a HUGE garden, Yah willing, next year!



  1. For a first time gardener I think you have done a fantastic job! And each year will just get better. Isn't it fun? (Well, maybe not hauling the water so much . . . but the rest of it!)

  2. Thanks Mama Pea, and you are is fun!! I am having a blast, and my kids are loving going down there looking for what they can pick next!