August 25, 2010

Crafty Goodness

So....when I am not trying to keep my chaotic life from falling apart (bahahaha), I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do crafts. I always have! I thought I would share something that always makes me feel good when I need a little pick me up......Crafty blogs and how to's.

I don't always find the time to do the things I plan or see on these blogs, but maybe someday:). I actually had some really big plans for the near future involving crafts, but they will temporarily be put on hold while I move, and then watch out!

Without further favorite crafty sites for you to gander at:

One Pretty Thing
She spends who knows how many hours, finding some of the greatest craft tutorials on the blogosphere planet, so you don't have to. Many times she has multiple posts a day. And if you are into a particular craft (sewing, crochet, knitting, etc), use her great archive at the top and only look at the posts that interest you based on your craft passion.

Mod Podge Rocks!
I just found this blog today, and I am already drooling! I don't have a lot of experience with Mod Podge, but do have a jar, and think I will have to get cracking on some of these ideas. Especially furniture redo's. I have mostly hand me down furniture, some of it as old as I am. Would be nice to cover it in favorite paper, or fabric.

Totally Tutorials
Another recent find. This is a directory of free tutorials from all over the net. Yeah!

Fave Crafts
This one has a lot of the old "stand bys" from the crafting world, as well as lots of new and fresh ideas. They have an email newsletter I recommend.

Ok, there are many more, but that should keep you busy for a small lifetime.



  1. Hey, sweetie! I look forward to checking out these blogs!

    Thank you for sharing your favs with us!


  2. Totally my pleasure sweet friend! Hope you find something you like :)