August 11, 2010

Grammy Gets Creative

Enter one bouncy seat, bought at Salvation Army for $2.50 a few weeks ago for my adorable granddaughter, Sonja:
Notice something missing? It didn't have a toy bar. I refuse to pay $15 to $20 for a toy bar that she will out grow in a few months. So, enter some creativity.....
Wire coat hangers, a pair of pliers, and some pieces of pvc pipe from an old laundry hamper I had, that refused to stay together. I actually only used two of the hangers, and one of the short pieces of pvc.

First I straightened out two of the hangers to make a 3 sided shape (two long sides, and 1 shorter). I used packing tape wrapped around the two hangers, to help hold them together. I slid the pvc pipe over one end and placed it in the middle, to act as a place to hang the toys for the bar.

Now, I couldn't just leave the sides with packing tape. It isn't safe for a 7 month old baby. So, I used what I was good at....crocheting. I crocheted 3 rows of double yarn (peach and yellow) and then whip stitched it around the coat hangers on both sides to give it style and protection.
It ended up being a bit too long, so I just scrunched it it more cushioning. Then I had to figure out what to do with the ends of the hangers that were still sharp, and wouldn't stay in the the small brackets on the seat that held the original toy bar. Then it dawned on me....pencil grips!
I did have to cut the ends about 1/2 inch, and overlap in order for it to fit into the brackets, but it protects the tip of the hanger, and holds it in place.

Now we just have to add some toys!!!!



  1. Thank you ladies!!! :) I had so much fun brainstorming this one!

  2. Talk about ingenuity! Don't know how you came up with that but . . . darn good job!

  3. Aww shucks! Thanks Mama Pea! I just tried to remember what the one on my own daughter's bouncy seat looked like 18 yrs ago lol. Then I mulled it over for a few days and decided to give this a try:)