August 7, 2010

Homecooking can be quick?

I am on a quest, to get back to baking most of what we eat. Trying to get away from boxed mixes. But there are days where I am short on time, as most of us are. Does this mean we can't make things from scratch? Not at all!!

What it does mean is that you need to set aside a small amount of time, maybe an hour (provided you bought all your supplies, and if you have a pantry you should have everything on hand). Dig out your measuring cups, some containers, and lets have some fun! Below are links to the mixes I have made so far:

8 Muddy Boot's Brownie Mix

Chicken's in the Road Quick Mix
(she also has tons of recipes to use this mix with....her recipe section is heavenly!)

And these are some links to recipes for mixes that I plan on trying:

Chickens in the Road Perfectly Chocolate Cake
(this one is not listed as a "mix") but I plan to make it as such, listing on the container the wet ingredients to add when I actually make it, just like the other mixes)

Corn Bread Recipe
(again, not necessarily listed as a mix....but what you buy from the store needs to have wet ingredients added to it, so there is no difference)

Now that we have some yummy thoughts on our mind....lets talk storage. I don't buy a lot of jars and such. I don't have the money in the budget at the moment. What I do have though, are containers that my food that I buy at the store comes in. These for example:

The ice cream that I buy from Walmart comes in these fabulous one gallon square containers. Not only do they fit on shelves better than round ones, they also stack well. I made the "Quick Mix" in this, and I wrote some of the recipes right on the container with permanent marker. I have the recipe stored elsewhere, so if the writing wears off, I can just redo it.

You can also save jars such as this one:
This had animal crackers in it, as you can see. I got them at BJ's, and between the kids and myself, they didn't last more than 2 weeks. I purposely bought them with the thought that this would be a great storage container for the kitchen, for my flour. I do not own canisters, and I buy my flour in bulk. This way, I can fill this when it is getting low, from my bulk container, and have flour handy in the kitchen.

Same with my sugar:

I buy large containers of oatmeal to use in Bella's dog food. They are not sturdy and long time storage, as they are only cardboard, but serve the purpose. When I get back to BJ's I will buy another container (or two or three) of animal cookies, so I can have the jars. We eat the cookies anyway, they make a great snack, and they are super inexpensive.

So a little kitchen goodness for you weekend reading...hope I have inspired you to add mixes to your pantry, for those busy days when you are going non stop in the garden, the barn or with the kids.



  1. Great post, my friend! I love to make as much as I can from just tastes better!

    I just LOVE Suzanne at Chickens in the Road. She has an amazing blog. Love her recipes too!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thanks Laura!! Suzanne is awesome! Have fun with Skippy's party:)


  3. Thanks for sharing this! I love it when mommas and daughters share about homemaking tips. Home cooking can be fun, fast an delicious! It's such a blessing to know how to make a good meal. We're looking into getting more raw into our diets, and since we just got an oven, I don't have to eat that nasty store bought junk that DISGUSTING. :)


    Thanks for the comment, also. :)

  4. So glad you found the post useful Miss Rachel:) And you are very welcome for the and your sister amaze me with the posts that you make.