August 25, 2010

Let The Packing Commence

Excuse the very poor photo:) Since getting the word from the RE Agent, I have decided to begin packing. No sense waiting until the last minute. This is one side of my living room at the moment. That round coffee table still needs to be taken off the pedestal. The baby stuff like the porta crib will stay out until the last week, so that we have it available when these dolls come over to visit:

Those are my gorgeous grandbabies, Sonja (9 months) and Saske (2 years). They came to visit us yesterday with mommy, while dad ran some errands. They always cheer me up! :)

So the plans are this:
-Continue looking for a new place through Craigslist and the local paper
-Continue packing, and on Monday securing a storage unit. My parents will let me borrow their truck on and off over the next few weeks, to move stuff to the storage unit.
-Line up some heavy duty "muscle" for when we get closer to the move, to help get the stand up freezer, the stacking washer/dryer, and the disco couch out. All three weigh too much for the kids and I to move. Especially down a flight of steep and narrow stairs.

My hope is that we have a new place to move into before we are out of here. But if that is not the case, we will crash with some friends, or my family for a week or two while we get situated in a new place.

Thanks again for all your prayers everyone! It is so appreciated by the kiddos and I. We are praying the next place is somewhere that we can have a large garden, and who knows, maybe a house will come up for rent that we could afford, so that we could have chickens. Wish I knew of someone who would do a land contract in this area. Moving out of state is not an option at this time for several reasons.

We are finally getting some much needed rain (read: downpours). All the kids have asked what will happen to the garden when we move. It will be close to time to give it up for the year anyway, so we will get what we can from it while we are still here. If nothing produces on my tomato plants by then, I may try moving one or two in a five gallon bucket, to keep inside at our new place, and see if I can't get a few pieces of yumminess off them. But we have learned a lot through this year's garden, and I am sure the next will be even more fabulous!



  1. Oh May YHVH open His doors for you....thinking of you muchly!

  2. Thanks so much Andi!!! I am sure Yah has something fabulous in store for us, just waiting on HIM!:)