August 18, 2010

"Mom, can I move?"

This is the question I got from my 14 year old son yesterday on the phone. He has been staying at my parent's since Friday, visiting and hanging out with his cousin.

We all love it up there, it is where I grew up. We all want to be back there asap. But he wants to live with my parents, and go to public school up there, so he can be with his friends.

I had to say no. After much prayer, and agonizing about it, no has to be my answer. I love my parents to death, they have given and taught me so much in my 44 years as their daughter.

But ultimately I cannot abdicate my parenting. He is disappointed, of course, but I think he understands. I have explained to him that (A) I don't want him back in that public school, (B) His friends have always been welcome down here anytime, all he has to do is call and set it up (or do it over facebook), and (C) I couldn't emotionally deal with just having him 2 weekends a month (he would be at my parents M-F, and he sees his dad 2 weekends a month).

Half of my heart wishes I could give him what he wants. The other half, the one that is screaming "I am your mother and you are only 14, and I LOVE YOU!" says no. And it is the 2nd half of my heart that is winning out.

I am however researching into whether or not we would qualify for a USDA rural development mortgage, with the intention of moving back to "our town". I even found an inexpensive place online, that would be ideal for the lifestyle that we want, and would put us back up there. Until I get more info on the mortgage program, I have emailed to ask if the owners would consider renting.

Please pray for us on this home, as it would be perfect for what YAH has been preparing me for....more self sufficiency. Also please pray for us on the mortgage situation. And above all, please pray for my son.



  1. Oh goodness, a son wanting to leave his mother is hard....You gave good and honest reasons. Be strong and follow YHVH - let him lead you and your family. Shalom!

  2. Thanks Andi. He is disappointed, but assures me that he is not angry, and does understand.