August 30, 2010

Moving Progress

I thought I would post a bit of an update, so that those who are wonderfully praying for us, would know where we are right now.

I spoke to the real estate agent for the mortgage company today, and he hadn't heard back from them about our actual move out date. He said he would drop them an email, and probably have an answer by late tomorrow for me. Once they give the official word, we will have 2, maybe 3 weeks to be out and have the place spotless.

Packing is the first priority at the moment. Most of the kitchen is packed, minus food and necessary everyday items. We are temporarily using paper plates and disposable cups, to save on less chore I need to worry about during this.

I will be packing any non perishable pantry items in plastic totes, and sealing with tape, so that no mice might be able to get into them in the storage unit we rented today. We are trying to use up all frozen items we have before we move, so limited grocery shopping. Anything I have left I will either give to my mother, since she feeds too many people at her house, or offer on Freecycle. I need to do this in advance, I am guessing at least a week, to give me time to defrost and clean out the freezer so it can go in the storage unit.

That is another issue...heavy items. We have the stand up freezer, the stacking washer/dryer, and the horribly heavy couch. I am trying to line up some serious man muscle for those tasks. That was the bad thing about getting an apartment on the 2nd floor lol.

Tom's room is pretty much packed, and will be put in the storage unit, Sam is nearly done her room, except for clothes. Joe still has a bit to go, but I think he will finish tomorrow.

I am working on packing up all my crafts stuff, the books are all packed, all but the most immediate needs for school work for the boys is packed.

Wednesday we are using my parent's pickup, and busting *you know what*, to get everything we have packed already, plus whatever is still in the storage room upstairs that never got unpacked from our move here, into the storage unit. I would like to get furniture moved too...the kid's beds, etc. But we will see if we have enough energy and time.

Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for us. It is so very much appreciated. Our current needs are this:

- That we find a apartment/home on the first floor with at least 2 bedrooms, preferably 3, within our budget.

-That we find an understanding landlord, that knows we cannot give him the full deposit plus 1st months rent until the check from the mortgage company clears my bank. What I am hoping for is to find a place where I can put a deposit of $300-$400 on it to hold it, until the check clears.

-That we find a place that allows pets. We have been having pretty good optimism about at least keeping the cats, as most places seem to allow them. Bella might be in question. But time will tell.

Yah knows what we need, he is always watching and taking care of us. I trust in HIM with everything I have, he will find us the right place.



  1. I know God has the perfect place for your family. We are praying for you!


  2. Thank you Shawnee, it is so appreciated!! Like I said to an online friend yesterday, I know Yah knows where we will be going, I just wish he would clue me in soon :)

  3. I keep telling Him He needs to get a facebook or email account! But then I guess I wouldn't need faith. Sigh. Praying for you, Stephanie! The waiting and not knowing is SO hard....but when the answer comes, it is better than anything! I feel His delight in surprising us...and bet He just loves our excitement and gratitude! :D I LIKE that part of walking by faith. :D Blessings to you and your family...Thanks for the update!

  4. LOL Kristi, thanks for the laugh tonight:) I can't imagine what he would do, he would drown in messages on FB, and sadly, most of them would not be thanking him.

    Thanks so much for the prayers. He will find us something, I just know it. I have a feeling, and I can't explain it, that he is waiting for the right time to reveal it to me. Nothing I have looked at for apartments has seemed to be a "right fit". Just a gut feeling, or maybe him telling me "no, not that one"...time will tell :)

  5. Glad to know the packing is going well! You have done it very quickly!! Praying for it all to work out swimmingly!

  6. Thank you Leslie:) It is such a blessing to have you in my corner:)

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