August 12, 2010

The No Poo Challenge

Over at the Feelin' Feminine site, there is a challenge that has been started to go "no poo" no chemical shampoos or conditioners. I have been mulling this idea for several months, and decided that now was the time to jump in.

I chose to use Miss Jocelyn's mixture of egg yolk, baking soda, and a bit of water to make it into a paste. I have very curly hair, that goes about half way down my back. It does feel weird the first time you put it in your hair and rub it in, as you are not used to the coarseness of the baking soda. When I first rinsed the mixture out of my hair, I thought it was going to leave me with a tangled mess. It doesn't take much to make my hair go into horrendous knots.

But then I did the rinse with apple cider vinegar with water (I did about 2tbspns of vinegar to a cup of water). It still didn't feel as smooth as it does with conditioner, but that is because I actually got my hair clean, rather than just coating it with a waxy build up, giving the illusion of clean and soft.

I just had my daughter help me brush my hair out, and I do smell a slight hint of the vinegar, but fully expect that to go away by morning (if it takes that long). It brushed out extremely easily, with no tangling whatsoever. It also, although not completely dry yet, feels super soft. We will see how it is in the morning as far as brushing and knots. I don't like to sleep with my hair in a braid at night, but will if it tangles too much.

A few of the things I am looking for out of this "no poo" challenge:
  1. That my hair is clean, and doesn't feel as if it has anything on it.
  2. That it will be easy to brush and maintain without additional work (ie: too many knots)
  3. I am very curious to see how my psoriasis on my scalp will be affected by this method. I have extremely dry skin and hair. Most commercial products just mask it, or make it worse.
Also, after watching part of a talk by Paul Nison the other night online live, I took a suggestion he made and ran with it. Rather than using my normal body wash for my shower, I only used the body brush. No soap whatsoever. It felt very refreshing to use the brush. I am hoping by not using soap or body wash, my skin will not be as dry.

I will update in a couple days to let you know how the challenge is going :)



  1. I will be watching with anticipation to see how this works for you! I tried the no-poo challenge last summer for about a month. (I loved it at first.) I hope it works out for you!

  2. Hmmmm - I am curious to find out too!

  3. Andi, Check out my post from first far I am really liking it.