August 29, 2010

Our First Agricultural Fair

NOTE: Sorry the pictures are a bit wonky all over the page, Blogger doesn't like me today:)

Today we took a much needed break from packing and thinking about moving, to go to Warren Farm in Barrington.
It was great weather (a tad hot at low 90's), with the sun shinning, and a great breeze. I had never been to this farm before, and was really impressed with the size of it. I have a plan to visit more local farms over the course of the next year to see how they do what they do. It is a great way to take information that you can use for your future farm.

The reason we went there today was for the Barrington Heritage and Agricultural Fair. I believe, if I am not mistaken, it was only the 2nd year for this fair. If so, they did a great job! We spent the better part of 5 hours there, and could have easily spent more. I learned a great deal about various topics such as: permiculture, blacksmithing, spinning wool, heritage breed animals, heritage veggies, etc.

One thing I was a tad disappointed in, was that there were not more animals. Warren Farm is not a farm with animals of their own. The ones that were there were brought in from other farms. And while they were great, more definitely would have been nicer. There were 3 alpacas, a set of large red steers, with two sets of calves being trained with the yoke, and 2 guinea hens, a rooster, and a batch of new chicks. The chickens were especially disappointing, as we were hoping for more different breeds to see. But I will remedy that in the future, as we want to do a field trip to Yellow House Farm in the near future. They specialize in heritage breed poultry.

Ok, enough babbling, on with the pictures. I apologize if you do not have a faster internet. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

One of the most educational things there for the kids was this fabulous tent that was set up. When you walked in, there was netting above your head, and it made it like you were below the soil. There were vegetables growing above your head, it showed the different layers of soil, as well as a landfill in one corner. Lots of good information:)

Those ropes hanging down represent the roots of plants.

I have a couple videos too, one of the blacksmith, and one of our mule wagon ride from the parking lot in the back of the farm up to the front, but those are rather large, so I will upload them to YouTube and give you the link tomorrow.

All in all, a fabulous day!!

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