August 20, 2010

This and That Update

Thank you all for your wonderful prayers yesterday! If you wouldn't mind keeping it up, it would be greatly appreciated. Still no word from the RE agent representing the bank, but should here something today. Terri was kind enough to leave some information here on the blog yesterday, as well as on my Facebook page, about protection for tenants from foreclosures, I am passing it along again here:

Here is some information you might want to view.

Basically if the home you're living in is foreclosed on, you are allowed 90 days. There will be some restrictions so be sure to read the information. Most agents may not be aware of this law.

I hope this helps!
Terri Camp, GRI, Realtor
DFW Texas Homes, LLC
Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

And if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and need RE help, Terri is the "go to gal". Love her personality, style, and the way she cares for her clients! (And no...she didn't pay me to say that lol....I have sort of "known" her for years, via her homeschool book and websites "Ignite the Fire")

The garden is doing well, especially since I broke down and bought the connector to hook my hose up to the outside faucet. Rain barrels only work if you actually have rain, which we haven't had much of at all, for nearly 3 weeks. A sprinkle just doesn't cut it. My green beans are very grateful for the water, as is everything else. This is my first batch of green beans I picked yesterday...not much, but delish! There are a ton more out there that will be ready in another day or so.
I LOVE to munch on green beans right out of the garden...yummm. I remember when we had two large gardens when I was a kid, and my mother would send us out there to pick stuff for her. I never left that garden without a full belly lol.

Here is a shot of the garden from the kitchen window on the second floor....the sad looking plants on the right are my original cuke plants. They are still producing, but with the lack of rain, were looking rather sick...they are perking up again with the hose treatment.

Homeschooling for us hasn't officially started yet. I was hoping to start this week, but with all that is going on, it just hasn't happened. I do have most of the stuff ready to go, minus the history. I am going to be using the Abeka "History of the World" textbook as our spine, but am looking for good resources online to go with it. One I will be definitely using is Robin Sampson's new free lesson plans at her Heart of Wisdom website. While we don't have all the books she recommends, I think it will still be a valuable addition to our lessons.

My daughter won't be starting college when she hoped to, but rather 3 weeks later. This threw a monkey wrench in her plans to do 4 classes, and now she is down to 3, with one of them being only one credit. She was upset initially, but has realized that life throws you curves, and you have to rely on YAH, and roll with it. As she said..."Maybe it's a good thing that I will be able start out slower". The courses will be a bit intense though, as they are 3 weeks shorter than the same classes that will start on 8/30. It all stems from the fact that the college needed me to sign a verification form for FAFSA, but neglected to tell us. Life happens.

I also want to thank you all for your continued prayers for my dad, and his battle with lung cancer. He recently went to the doctor, to see what she found out after consulting with some surgeons about possibly trying to remove what is left of the tumor. It's a no go. He would have to have one of his lungs completely removed, and it would cause too much compromise to his other one. So, his scan shows that the tumor has shrunk considerably, and he will go back in 6 months for a check up, and determine if he needs another round of chemo and radiation. For now though, he is feeling great, breathing better than he has in 2 years, and getting his energy back. Most days he can be found out in his garage, puttering on various projects. It is good to see him up and about again.

Ok, since the animals got me up, literally at the crack of dawn, I am off to work on housework before Shabbat begins.

May YAH bless you!!! Shalom


  1. Stephanie,
    You have a lot goin on - May YHVH give you peace this Sabbath. Keeping you in our thoughts :0)

  2. Thank you Andi:) I really appreciate the prayers:) I hope you all have a blessed Shabbat!