September 18, 2010

Praise YHVH!!

I am sitting here tonight, giddy as a little girl. And it is all thanks to my creator, my father, YHVH! This trust situation is still new to me, but each time HE shows me that I can and must trust him, I am left in awe. HE has truly used these Days of Awe to show me HIS power and HIS love.

I have been looking at apartments. The first scenario: I had an appointment to see a place in a town that is, frankly, scummy. I do not want to live there, but if the apartment was in a fairly safe neighborhood, and it was what YHVH wanted, I would do it. My appointment was for 3:30. I arrived about 3:15. As I heard the local children get out of school, the neighborhood became a screaming ground. Kids on every side, yelling, screaming and fighting. 3:30 came and went. 3:40, and I decided it wasn't the place we were supposed to be. The landlord never showed.

The second scenario: A nice area, quiet, out in the woods, away from people, with only a few neighbors. Again, I was a bit early (I usually am lol). The RE agent/landlord took me inside to see the place. The first thing I noticed was the steep, narrow steps. In my mind I was going over how the heck we would get everything up them. As I stepped inside the apartment, I could smell something, definitely not pleasant. The bedrooms were good size, but the livingroom/kitchen area was tiny. The people who rented the apartment before, had moved to the unit downstairs. They hadn't moved everything out, even though they had been downstairs since the beginning of the month. There were dirty dishes in the sink, food sitting out going bad, clothes and clutter everywhere. I filled out the application anyway, despite my misgivings. If YHVH wants me here, this is where I will be.

Scenario three: An appointment on Shabbat to look at a house in our hometown. We really, really wanted to be back here. For many reasons, one being my dad's cancer. It would put me closer to help my mom. I was a few minutes late for the appointment (like maybe 5), because for some reason I got it in my head that it was for 10:30, and when I looked again at the paper this morning it was for 10:00. So I rushed out the door, all the time hoping I wouldn't make a bad impression for being late. I got there, and the landlords are a married couple probably late 60's-70's. I apologized for being late, and they said not to worry. They showed me the entire is a 2bdrm, with an office room that can be used as a bedroom as well, full basement, living room, dining room, garage. Everything that we would need, and only 5 minutes from my parents. The house is gorgeous!

As I explained to them that because of the foreclosure on my current place, I wouldn't have the full amount needed for security deposit until around the 4-5th of October. I would have to wait for the check to clear from the mortgage company. I could however give them $400 today in a check as a "good faith" deposit. They discussed it back and forth, and the issue they had was that they had to leave before the first to head to TX, and then back to FL for the winter. I suggested maybe they had someone locally that could hold the keys for them, until I could turn over the check. They said they thought they could do that.

A few hours later I returned with a check, not for $400, but $500. I had forgotten that I had transferred some donations recently from Gleaning the Harvest into my bank account. Praise YHVH, and the people who so generously give!

The woman, Carole, said that the reason they decided to let me rent the house, is that they really like me. They are impressed that I have such a good attitude despite my situation, they are grateful to have someone who truly wants to be in the house for reasons other than just a place to live, and the homeschooling got her too, because her own daughter homeschools.

They will be leaving soon, but I am going tomorrow to sign the lease, so that I have it to set up utilities and such. They will be coming back the end of May, and park their camper in the back yard for the summer. That was another thing we discussed...gardening. I asked if they had a problem with me having a few raised beds, and she showed me the one that is already there. She said we could share. What a great idea. The second time I went up, she asked how much gardening I wanted to do, and I told her "As much as I can get away with!" She has offered to take the garden back to it's original size from when her grandfather used to have one, so that I can grow more food for us:).

We weren't able to keep our dog Bella, as the deposit to keep her was just too much for my budget, but we can keep the cats, who will be happy to be outside again. Worry not for Bella though, because YHVH had a hand in that one too. I had placed an ad on Freecycle. I got 5 offers of a home for of them being her former owner. I was so excited to have her go back where I already knew she would be safe and well taken care of.

I will be praising YHVH from the rooftops tonight and forever!!!



  1. I'm glad things are beginning to be settled for you! Praise YHWH! :)

  2. I am so happy that you have found a wonderful house for you and your family. Close to your folks, and room to garden next year! Best wishes that this is just the beginning of a real up-swing for you!

  3. Thank you so much Erela and Mama Pea! It definitely feels like things are taking a turn for the better:)