September 10, 2010

This and that.....

It has been sort of quiet here on the homefront as of late, although a bit chaotic. I loved Andi's post here, and how she "downloaded" her thoughts, so I am swiping her idea:) Yep, lazy:)

-Sam has started her first class at the college...Art History I. She likes the instructor, but not the 30lb book that goes with it.

-The boys and I have started school work...although very lightly.

-I am officially on a Zpack. Finally broke down and went to the doc yesterday...have bronchitis, which I suspected.

-Still waiting to hear on a date for our moving. I am of 2 minds on this: (1) No news is good news, as it gives us more time to find a place, and the new owner is not asking for rent. (2) Hate living in limbo, not knowing what is next.

-Dad is doing well since his treatments ended. Another scan in a month to see where the size of the tumor stands now. He will be 68 on the 19th:)

-Yah is leading me in some weird directions, but I am following. He has taught me a LOT about what a true marriage is supposed to be, since the ending of mine. Now he is leading me to research "headship" in the family. Not sure if it is some of my own thoughts on being tired of being a single mom thrown in there, but learning HIS word is never a mistake.

-My Aunt recently had a hip replacement, and is recovering wonderfully! Can't wait to see her.

-The recent weather change (very chilly at night here now), has me dreading the upcoming snow...yeah I know, it's only September. But around here we could see it as early as late October/early November.

-I am exhausted. Part of it from being sick for a week, and part of it just wanting to hibernate from some of the decisions I need to make soon.

-I am happy. I can honestly say, I am happy. Nothing has me overly stressed (sounds like a contradiction of the last statement but it's not), and I know YAH has a plan. Just waiting on him to reveal it to me. I love my children, I love YAH, and I love my life.

-My goal of getting schoolwork planned out for 2wks in advance hasn't happened yet.

-I need to rent a Uhaul to take some furniture stuff to the storage unit and get it out of the way. It's making me realize how little we really need for day to day living. Might get rid of a lot of what is in the storage unit when we get in a new place.

-Still wishing someone would come through with a trailer for next to nothing that I could put on my land, or find a land contract somewhere else. So desperately want to be in my own place.

Ok, off to watch a movie on Abraham with the boys for schoolwork. Have a very blessed day!!


  1. LOL - :) I love your thoughts....sometimes when I set down to write - that is all I have in my head and it's easy to spit em out! Sometimes it helps too!
    Have a great Sabbath and we are still praying for you!

  2. Thanks Andi:) I hope it was ok to swipe your idea:) It just seemed so perfect for the jumble that was in my head this morning;)

    Praying for you and the vehicle situation as well, and also for beautiful Bobbin:)


  3. Great post, my friend! I am praying for God's guidance and direction in your life!