October 20, 2010

History and Abraham

We are just now getting to the section in our ancient study of history that involves the story of Abraham. I have found some fabulous resources and wanted to share them with you.

First is Robin Sampson's lesson plans that she has been putting up on her website, Heart of Wisdom. We haven't been following them to the letter, but using what works for our study. She is doing some amazing stuff, and I am so very grateful to YHVH for guiding her in this task:). Make sure you check out all of her lessons, and check back often, as she is uploading more constantly.

We will also be watching this movie on YouTube, unfortunately I can't embed part of it here due to that feature being disabled on this particular movie. I am sure that Turner Pictures took some liberties in their film making, but it will be a good visual for Tom.

We are also going to read the story of Abraham from both the KJV and my new Complete Jewish Bible, and compare. I am hoping to work in some lessons on new Hebrew words, but still working on that one myself....but it's fun to learn along with Tom!

Shalom and have a blessed day!

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