October 13, 2010

Homeschool update

I haven't written much about our homeschooling lately, because we haven't been doing "book work". We have been doing "life work" with the move....packing, storing, changing utilities from one home to the next.

A few changes have taken place here in our schooling. Joe is back at public school. Out of all the public schools that I have had experience with, for the most part this small town school isn't nearly as bad as the town we were in. I am comfortable with him in this school. I still need to be extremely vigilant, and make sure he doesn't slack off on getting his work in on time, and make sure he asks for the help he needs in math (he tends to not ask). But I am able to talk to his teachers whenever I need to, or any of the school staff. That is one of the advantages of being in a small town. I also know half of the staff that is there, because they were there when I attended the school 30 + years ago. The school nurse is the same, many of the teachers are the same, and if they aren't, they were students with me when I went there for 2nd-8th.

Tom will continue to homeschool, and of all my children, he is the one I see homeschooling all the way through high school. The one on one works best with him. Sure, I am the target of his grumbling when he doesn't want to do something, but that is part of being a homeschool mom.

The biggest area that we struggle with is math. I have been eyeing the Teaching Textbooks for him. I am hesitant to spend the money because up until this point we have had good luck just using free resources, but this past year has been a real struggle. Tom is an extremely visual learner, so I think between the video and computer component, it will be good for him. Still deciding though.

He is learning to write book reports. Tom has issues with getting his ideas on paper. I went through this with all my kids. So we take time each day to turn his 4 or 5 word sentences, into wonderfully descriptive ones. It takes time and patience on my part, but it is worth it. He may never become the writer that Sam or Joe is, but if he can learn to get all those great ideas and information from his brain onto the paper, it will be huge!

Science we are switching back to the Science: Order and Reality that we had on hand. I like the layout of it better. We will pull in experiments from other books from the library and such to supplement. Right now we are studying plants.

History is moving along nicely. He just mad a cuneiform from clay and added it to his binder. We are working on Mesopotamia right now. The next project will be a model made of paper, of the Hanging Gardens. Scroll to the bottom and click on the picture for a pdf. It think this may actually take a couple days :).

I will post pictures at the end of the week for our T.O.B.Y, which I have not been keep up with because of the move as well. Lots went by the wayside, but we are getting back on track.



  1. Golly-gee, homeschooling is such a huge undertaking for a parent. Many kudos to all of you who do a terrific job of it. I'm not sure I could!

  2. Hello, my friend~

    Glad to hear things are going well. I will be praying for your son as he attends public school that Math will not be a struggle and that he will seek your assistance when needed.

    What is this Science (Order and Reality) that you speak of? I have never heard of it!

    I hope you are having a great week!


  3. Mama Pea: Thanks! But I have no doubt, had you been in the position to do it, you would have tackled it like you do everything else...with gusto! And been very successful:)

    Laura: Science: Order and Reality is a science textbook from Abeka. I got it in a batch of books I bought last fall for Joe. I don't have much to go with it, so we do the questions in the book after each reading and I find experiments and notebooking pages to go with it. :)

    Love ya darlin!