October 11, 2010

New "Toy" And The "To Do" List

This is my new "toy". It's a 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada. I was blessed while looking for a larger vehicle this past week, to find this at our local garage for only $1500. I drove it and it felt really good, got underneath to check for any issues, and listened to it run (I am a former grease-monkey's daughter), and it looked and sounded great. Just to be on the safe side, Dad went with me the next morning to check it out, and gave his stamp of approval.

Sam is getting her license in two weeks, so this will allow her to drive the Neon two towns over to catch the public bus to college four days a week, without Tom and I having to take her down and pick her up every day. I am so excited to have a vehicle that will hold more than just my kiddos. It will be christened this week by going to buy a bed for me, and also hauling the boxes we have in a storage unit to our home.

The "to do" list seems to multiply like rabbits while I am sleeping but we are making great progress, as shown below:
This is the garage....where we are "staging" everything that needs to go in the house somewhere. It is much easier to keep it all in here, then bring it in a box at a time. Believe it or not, last week this was still full to the brim with boxes, and there was less than a foot in the middle to squeeze through. Obviously I have made pretty good progress. Slow but sure I am getting it all in it's rightful place. In a few days it will be full again, as we bring more from the storage unit.

My "to do" list consists of just a few of these:

*Cut and hem living room curtains, that are about 8 inches too long, but cannot just be folded and pinned, due to being insulated, and don't hang right with that much material at the bottom.

*Put self-stick tiles on the "workbench" downstairs, which I will use to fold laundry.

*Buy a bed for myself, get it home, and get it set up.

*Continue to get the garage emptied

*Fix 2 bookcases and several bureau drawers that got broken in the move. Dad will be helping me with this.

*Do the daily cleaning, as well as weekly cleaning (washing floors, etc).

*Set up a new chore chart for the family so they can help me...taking into consideration the new schedules of both Joe and Sam.

That is just a taste of what needs to be done. I am having fun for the most part, setting up our new home. And I know that YHVH will give me the strength to do what needs to be done, and also the wisdom to know when to rest. HE is all that keeps me on the right track. I am so blessed to have such a loving Father!

I hope you have a blessed week!!



  1. Congratulations on your new wheels! It looks to be in really good shape. Both my husband and our trusted mechanic say the "older" vehicles are made much better and are less costly and easier to fix should something go wrong.

    Keep up the good work on getting settled in the new house. Looks like you're making lots of progress.

  2. Thanks Mama Pea:) I would have gone older if I could have found a decent vehicle. I prefer older too, because then I can do some of the work myself. Why pay for an oil change, or something like that if you don't have to. My "trusted mechanic" is my dad, who did it for 30+ yrs, so if he says its a good buy, then I trust him. It drives amazing! And being 6cyl, it's only got a bit bigger motor than my car, so still pretty good on gas.

    :) Have a great week!