October 15, 2010

A Nor'easter Is A Good Time to Nest

We are getting our first Nor'easter of the season. This one is in the form of rain though, since it is a bit early for snow. It means lots of rain and wind. If we are lucky the power will stay on today, as the winds are gusting to 40mph or higher at times. A good time to nest.

The only boxes I have left to unpack at the moment (4 of them), are things that go in my room. Mostly craft stuff....boy I own TOO much of that lol! This is what I have done so far with the room:

This is looking from the doorway. I am setting up my "mini-office" in the far corner. The desk is in desperate need of refinishing, so I covered that back piece and the end with scrapbook paper. Not perfect, but does what I wanted it to for now...hide some of the damage. The stand the printer is on, is actually my sewing machine. I think I have pretty much decided that I will set up a sewing area in the basement. There is plenty of room down there for it, and I could set up a table for cutting and such, without having to take it down. I would have to use my small ceramic heater during the winter, but that doesn't cost much to run.

This is looking from the far corner, towards the doorway. Funny story about the new bed. I went to a local discount place on Tuesday to buy a full size bed. I already had a frame, so didn't need that. There was a young kid working. He had to go out in a trailer and get the bed, so I followed, and watched as he found the boxspring. He couldn't locate the mattress that was supposed to go with that particular one, so he had to upgrade me to the next one, which was $50 more, but he had to give it to me for the same price.

He then helped me and Tom load it. I couldn't figure out why a full size wouldn't fit in the back of the SUV, but just shrugged it off. So we tied it on the top. I semi-cursed the kid all the way home, because he didn't really tie it tight enough, and we had to travel no more than 35mph all the way home. I dropped Tom at his art class, and went home to take the bed off the top of the truck. That is when I got a surprise.....

As I slid the mattress off the truck and leaned it up against the garage, I happened to notice the tag on it inside the plastic. Rather than give me a full size set, the kid had given me a queen size set, for the same price. I called the store, and got the owner. I explained to him what happened, and he told me that it was their error, so I am allowed to keep the set. So, for the price of a full, I got a queen set.

I have to return the comforter I bought and exchange it for a larger one now, but for now I have my quilt and a spare blanket on the bed. And my father is going to make me two pieces of angle iron to bolt to the bed frame to make it large enough for the bigger bed, since the frame is for a full set. I am also looking around at ideas for headboards to make over the winter, and have found these:

Reclaimed look headboard

Mantel Headboard - I can't mount something like this to the wall, but love the look. Definitely could replicate a thinner version of this from wood at the home improvement store:)

Bifold Door Headboard - definitely could do this cheaper than they say:)

Door Headboard - Dislike Martha, but love this idea. Mine would have to be attached to legs to screw to the frame, not mounted on the wall.

And in the end, I may just look for a headboard at one of the op shops around our area...there are enough of them! And with good deals too. But I can make it my own with paint, stain, or fabric.

Ok, off to get some nesting done before Shabbat begins today. I am so excited to finally have my own hard copy of the Complete Jewish Bible. It, along with a couple other books for studies, came Wednesday! I will do a blog post on the other two books as soon as I have read them, or possibly as I read them.

Shabbat Shalom!!!!


  1. Omigosh! Your bedroom is looking so cozy! Who wouldn't want to settle down in your house, you've got it looking so inviting.

    Do you have to have a headboard? We've been married for 47 years and never had one. Our mattress (no box springs) just sits on a plywood frame on legs that we made. What am I missing? Maybe WE need a headboard!

  2. Thanks Mama Pea:) It's funny, other than the bed and a couch I got as a gift 3 yrs ago, nothing I own for furniture is new, but it all seems to work. It's all handme-down stuff, mostly from my mom:)

    I don't need a headboard, but think it might work better for when I sit in bed to crochet or read. Although I did that last night and the mattress didn't move at all. Maybe you are on to something:)