October 5, 2010

Pictures!!! Finally

This is the view out the front of the house. This can be seen from my bedroom, Sam's bedroom, and the big picture window in the livingroom. Love it!
My room. I now have my bureau and desk in here, and the rug is on the floor. I am going to look for a bed this week sometime:) Then I can actually sleep in here.
Sam's room. It actually looks better than this now. She has been busy putting stuff away. I also gave her the baker's rack which couldn't be more perfect with those curtains.
The boy's room. Sadly, theirs looks worse than this now. I think Momma needs to go put things away, and they just dump them.
This is the small hall between the boy's room, and mine. The second door is a linen closet, then the bathroom, and just barely visible is another closet, which I am using to store the vacuum and extra blankets etc.
The livingroom. We have the coffee table in there since I took this pic. The fireplace is a newly installed gas fireplace, put inside the old wood burning one. Love it and it heats the entire house. Great for when the power goes out.
The dining room. The base for the dry sink is actually in now, just not in this shot. All of the wood in the arch, and in the living room is mahogany.
The view of the kitchen as you walk in the back door
The view of the left side of the kitchen. I am in LOVE with the sink. It is a deep, wide, double basin cast iron sink, with a porcelain finish. You can fit large pans in it without bumping the faucet and such.

This is a shot of the back of the house. We actually have a gorgeous front yard too, next time I will try to post those shots.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our new place, even though it isn't all "put together" yet.



  1. It looks wonderful!! I am so happy for you and knew that YAH would bless you immensely!

  2. I love it! It looks so peaceful. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks Nancy and Robin!!:) YHVH sure did bless us, and I will shout his grace and love from the rooftop!!:)

  4. Sweetie, your pictures look even nicer than on facebook! :> )


    Blessings and ((((hugs))))~

  5. Wow, it is a wonderful house! I'll bet you will be happy there. I hope you find a bed soon:-)

  6. What an attractive place! It's looking good inside already.

  7. Wonderful! I have been so wrapped up in my 'goings on' that I have only been thinking about you, I so happy for you and it is wonderful! Just Wonderful!

  8. What a lovely place! The insides already look comfortable. Enjoy, enjoy!

  9. Laura: Thanks darlin!

    Mama Pea: Thanks! Once I get the stuff sorted that is in the garage, I can go to the storage unit and get the rest of our stuff.

    Andi: Thank you sweetie! I know you have a lot going on too, but I felt your prayers and thoughts. Been keeping you all in prayer, and especially Bobbin.

  10. So happy for you! And I love your sink, too!

  11. Marty: Thanks! I am going to get a better shot of the sink, and maybe do a post on it LOL! The simple things in life that make a momma happy hehe. I couldn't have done any of this without YHVH watching over me:)

  12. Stephanie, it's so nice meeting you! Thank you for your comments at my blog and for keeping Jack and myself in your prayers. We REALLY believe in prayer to YHVH...He is so faithful. I'm delighted to see that you love the Torah and YHVH and have been having some relaxing time reading from your archives here. How wonderful for you about your new home...congratulations! I hope your shabbat is wonderful this week :) Shabbat shalom

  13. Robbyn, it is totally my pleasure:) I am glad to meet you too. Thank you for the well wishes, we were truly blessed by YHVH this past month or so. I definitely couldn't have done any of this without HIM!