October 17, 2010

TOBY Highlights

Since the move, we are still trying to get back on our schedule for school work. Tom is still struggling in Math, so this week we gave Khan Academy a try. The first day he watched the two videos on multiplication. The second day he tried the drills, and was frustrated beyond belief. Much of this is due to his attitude, and I have been reading and praying to YHVH for guidance in this area. By the third day, he had reached 10 stars (proficient) in the level one multiplication. We will continue to work on those drills as he learns division next.

He is working one on one with me with his writing. We began a book report, and it was such a blessing and made my heart sing, when we got to the third paragraph. After hand holding to get through the first two paragraphs, I wanted to skip a section in the book. I was told that it was too important to skip, and needed to be part of the book report! Yeah for him!! So it was added. I am hoping we finish the book report this week, and then he will type it up for his blog.

In history we are studying Mesopotamia. We got the model of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon printed, cut out, and almost put together. He also made a cuineform from clay, that we put in a ziploc baggie, and added to his history notebook. We also covered inventions of this era, and the difference between many gods, and one god. This week I would like to concentrate on Abraham, and learn about how he left this well developed civilization to follow what YHVH told him to do.

Science is a bit on the back burner, but we are reading and doing some questions. We did a review of the scientific process, and this week will jump into plants. It seems to be a perfect connection, with the nature study I want to begin, and all the leaves changing here.

I hope you all have a blessed week. :)



  1. Looking forward to you nature study! You will have to share how the Khan math works out. Shalom to you. Have a wonderful week =0)

    Thanks for linking up. We love to see and be encouraged by other T.O.B.Y.'s :D

  2. I have often gone through periods of focus change...we focused on history for two years and now we seem to focus on science these last two...getting ready to switch over to history again....what ever works for your family is what is best for your family. With love!

  3. Sigalit, thanks for stopping by. With the move we haven't kept up with the TOBY, but hope to now that we are more settled:)

    Andi, you are right:) Sometimes I worry that we aren't covering enough, but after 10+ years of this I should know better lol.

    Hugs to both of you!