October 29, 2010


Hello my sweet friends! I am passing along an urgent prayer request this Shabbat, that I am praying YHVH will find a way to connect a special mom with someone who can help her.

There is a single momma from Gleaning the Harvest, that is about to become homeless with her children in the area outside Dallas, TX. We need to pull together, PRAY for YHVH's help, and someone to step up for her. PLEASE, pass this information along to every single person you know....through all our connections online, there has to be someone who can help her. I just know it, I believe in YHVH's amazing power, and I believe in the goodness of people.

Go here to read her story: Miracle Needed: Single Homeschooling Mommas

I am also requesting something else....I know...demanding this Shabbat aren't I? How many of you have stopped at the local coffee shop this week and bought that $3-$5 coffee that you love so much? How many of you have recently plunked down a good chunk of money on a new gadget? Or just spend $10 on something you really didn't need, but the fancy struck you?

The donations at Gleaning the Harvest this month are down. These mom's trust YHVH with all their heart and soul to provide for their children. They are doing all they can to live by his commandments. Every month, the rent or mortgage comes due, and they trust that HE will provide. Some months they are blessed beyond measure, and some months, like this one, they run short. They never give up their faith though. No matter what life throws them, just like Job, they continue to sing HIS praises.

Rather than buying that coffee today, or spending that $10 that you don't really need to, would you please go and donate to a single or widowed homeschooling momma? Even $2 is a huge blessing to them!!! I know....I was a recipient of this amazing ministry until recently.

To get an email saying a donation has been made, in your inbox, is always unexpected....you pray, you hope, but when you see the email, and then look at the amount...it doesn't matter if it is $2, $10, or whatever. They are grateful beyond measure that they have that money to help care for their families.

So, while I may have a convicting tone today, it is done out of love. YHVH commands us to care for these families......will you?

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. Thank you dear for posting this blog. Everyone has been so good to post it, so that a home can be found for our dear Sister-in-Christ.
    L. Rose

  2. It is so my pleasure. As I said in the post, I could have been her a month ago. Our building where we rented got foreclosed on and for many weeks we had no idea where we were going. YHVH watched out for us though, and I know he will for her too!!