November 11, 2010

Chaotic few weeks

I can't believe it has been 10 days since I posted here, but then again I can. The few weeks after a move are always chaotic. There is the unpacking to do, all sorts of phone calls to make to switch things over, etc.

We have been in the new house about a month and a half, and so far things are going wonderfully. We are nearly done unpacking. The biggest things left for me are the craft things. The kids will be helping me move the boxes to the basement or inside the house so that I can unpack them (I can't lift them). This is where I will be doing most of my crafting/sewing, once I get everything in it's rightful place.

There is a lot more stuff put away since these photos were taken nearly 2 weeks ago, and I will post updated photos once it is done (hopefully this week).

We have also been busy "running the roads", as my mother calls it. My grandmother took a bad fall a few weeks ago, and spent nearly 2 weeks in the hospital, so I went several times with my mother over there. And now that she is home, but not fully recovered (they found out she also had pneumonia and a kidney infection....not good for a 93 year old with health issues), I have been spending a lot of time going to my mother's to help out. It isn't far, about 5 minutes, but when it happens in the middle of the day, it kind of puts a halt to whatever I was doing. I don't mind though, because my mother has done so much for me over the years, it is a blessing to me to be able to help her.

I have also been driving my daughter Samantha to a town 20 minutes south of us, 4 days a week, so she can catch the bus to college. She went for her driver's license the other day, but failed the written test. We will try again the end of next week. Most of it was caused by nerves.

So that is a short synopsis of the chaotic life we have been leading. I hope to have things settle down in the next week or so, and be able to post more on our homekeeping activities and our homeschooling.



  1. I hope your grandmother gets better soon...Will keep her in my prayers..

    I hope life calms down some for you soon.

  2. Sometimes it can be frustrating that the business of every day living seems to take so much time. I'm always so eager to make "progress" and feel I've accomplished something at the end of the day. I need to learn that some days that just isn't possible. We can only do so much and I need to be content with that. I admire the way you've kept at it to get your new home organized and just the way you want it.

  3. I remember failing my first driving test, yep ...nerves. I guess you don't honk at a blind gentleman standing on the corner....yeah don't ask!

  4. Thanks Jo!:) Hugs!

    Mama Pea, I have that same struggle. I have a "to do" list most days, but when it gets totally thrown out the window it is annoying. I have gotten better about "going with the flow" in the last few years. Think G-d worked on that one with me, because of my bad arm. I can have all the plans in the world, but if the arm isn't cooperating, it isn't happening lol.
    Thanks so much for the compliment, I am just trying to make it a home where we can be comfy and love each other.

    Andi- Oh no!! LOL I can just picture it!!!