November 29, 2010

Knowing When To Move On......

Math is not a hot topic in our home. Oh it gets used every single day in various tasks, but it is not a preferred subject. History and science are always being discussed.

That is why I have reached a decision today, that has been a long time coming, concerning Tom and math. He is worse than any of my other children were at multiplication, and therefor...we are done. Not with math, but with trying to get him to memorize multiplication.

I have used every trick known to man (well MOM in this case). Neither of us can stand to do drills, games, videos or songs anymore on multiplication. I have come to the realization that this particular child will have to use a calculator for those facts he can't remember. And I am ok with that.

Will his evaluator be ok with it at the end of the year, when she reviews his portfolio? I suspect she will. I can pretty much guarantee it. More than the parents who homeschool themselves, I think the people who do our evaluations (most homeschoolers themselves, as well as certified teachers), realize that every child has certain areas that are not going to be easy. And after a year of trying, re-trying, and trying again, you have to say "enough", and move on.

So, beginning tomorrow, we will be using "Impact Mathematics" from Glencoe/McGraw-Hill's website. They offer not only a math handbook (similar to a textbook), but 4 different workbooks to go along with it. We will be doing course one, which is meant for sixth grade. I printed out all the workbooks, but will be putting the handbook (which is well over 300 pages), on Tom's desktop on the computer. I think we will both enjoy getting away from multiplication and delving into geometry and other fun math subjects (fun said with a sarcastic tone lol).

There are several different math texts there, as well as other subjects you can investigate (just click "all subjects" in the left sidebar). Not all have workbooks and such. If you have any problems, please drop me a note, and I will do my best to help.


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