November 1, 2010

A Thank You and A Bit on Skirts

First, let me say thank you to all of you who have stepped up for all the momma's on Gleaning the Harvest this past weekend. It is truly amazing what YHVH can do through you! I pray that this will not be a "one time" thing....these momma's need our help. You can sign up for reminders each month by going to the main page, and in the second box on the right hand sidebar, there is a spot to put your email. You can also support these momma's by putting the GTH badge on your blog, or a specific family's ChipIn badge.

Now, on to skirts. YHVH has been speaking to me on this subject for some time. I haven't been quick to follow though. I seemed to always have an excuse...oh I have too much cleaning to do today, it will be easier in jeans. I have to go to the dump today, that will be easier in jeans. It's too cold, jeans are warmer. But I have had an epiphany in the last few weeks.............

There is nothing I can do in jeans, that I cannot do in a skirt. I think there is a psychological thing at play, as I have always seen skirts as "dressing up". That is the only time I ever wore them a wedding, funeral, or some other important life event. Even when I worked as a secretary in my younger days, wearing a skirt was a once in a while thing. And when I did, everyone was shocked. I have been a tom boy since the day I could walk.

But something is happening.....skirts are becoming my almost daily attire. I still wear jeans, but it is becoming less frequent. To combat the cold now that our temps are dropping rapidly, I have gone to wearing long johns under my skirts. I also was able, after a year of waiting, as the priced dropped from $50 to $5, buy a pair of nice boots that go almost to my knees, to wear with my skirts on cold days.

Another transformation is my attitude. I feel so feminine in a skirt. My attitude changes when I put one on. I don't know if I can fully explain it. I walk differently, I carry myself differently. I am sure YHVH is smiling down at me, saying "Told you so". LOL!

Deciding to wear skirts is a personal decision. It is between you and YHVH. But I would challenge you to do some research in Scripture, read some blogs of ladies who are also convicted to wear skirts, and pray to YHVH concerning this issue.

One of the best resources for me on wearing skirts and the "why", is the blog A Pondering Heart, written by Miss Jocelyn Dixon. She is a wise young woman, far ahead of her young years. Even as an older woman, I learn so much from her site, and the discussions that take place there. I highly recommend you head on over there and read a bit.

Shalom and be blessed!


  1. I was glad I stopped over to read this! :) I am so glad people have helped with GTH this past week and hope they will continue to do so from here on out!

    I am also pleased to hear about your skirt-experience and how the Father has been working in your life in that area! I am the tomboy too and when mother made me by a skirt to wear for everyday I just raised an eyebrow.... and then hesitated on wearing it for the longest time! Haha then I wore it to rags! :P and I love skirts and would never go back to wearing pants even if I hadn't been convicted in this area. Skirts rock. :P


  2. I totally agree that there's nothing you can do in pants that you can't do in skirts. It really is a mindset. We are currently having a poll on our blog asking people how long a skirt should be to be considered modest... come by and place your vote on the poll. :D


  3. Miss Jocelyn, I agree, it has been amazing the rallying for the Momma's on GTH. I just pray that it will continue. I will keep it visible here on my blog to help out:)

    Hehe on the skirts. I have found that I like the more a line ones, not a huge amount of material...kinda hard to explain, no pleats, etc. And I thought I would really hate the ones that come almost to my ankles, but I actually prefer those!:)

    Thanks for sharing your story about the skirt.

    Sowers: Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I love your headcoverings, and that is another area YHVH has been working on me with, for a long time...He always knows best!!

  4. I actually find skirts warmer, because I can layer underneath - tights and a looser pair of long johns over top with a heavier material skirt and no one can tell, where jeans always look and feel so bunchy if you layer. plus, if you sew you can add a flannel layer to a heavier denim skirt for added warmth :)


  5. Too true Angie! I found out I love wearing long johns under mine when the weather gets chilly, which it is doing all the time now here. I actually still have on my "to do" list, to turn and old flannel nighgown into a slip for underneath my skirts. Now that we are pretty much settled I think I better get it done lol.

  6. This is wonderful! Thanks to the "Feelin Feminine challenge," I felt called to wear skirts as well. I tried the month of Sept. and found not only did I feel more feminine, but others treated me more as a "lady" than ever before. I am sold! Skirts rock and Jocelyn said! I also have found great deals on skirts from thrift stores and from a store called Cato. I love them!
    "A woman is not to wear men's clothing, and a man is not to put on women's
    clothing, for whoever does these things is detestable to ADONAI your
    God." Deuteronomy 22:5

  7. Excellent rjcmj! That is where I find all my skirts too, thrift stores. I recently bought a beautiful mole skin, dark brown skirt with a great cut for only $5 at Saver's. I am in love with it!!

  8. Wow, I just comented on another blog earlier that I think I have been hearing a quiet calling to wear skirts. This is now the 5th blog since, in a very short amount of time, that has discussed the benefits of women wearing skirts...pretty sure the "calling" is nealyscreaming at me right now!

  9. nepamom,
    I went through that too, where it seemed everywhere I read, I found the promotion of skirts. I hope YHVH leads you to what is right between you and him.