December 8, 2010

Are You Warm?

It's extremely cold out, there is no doubt about that. Temperatures into the teens and twenty's have been seen as far south as Texas and Florida. Are you warm? Do you have fuel in your tanks to keep the heat at a toasty 75?

Do you know what the single and widowed mothers of Gleaning The Harvest are doing? They are adding one more bill to the ones they already struggle to pay, that of heating. This time of year brings added stress when you are barely getting by as it is. It's one more bill, a very expensive bill, that is needed. You cannot be without heat during this time of year.

Since Thanksgiving, everyone has been busy getting ready for the holidays. Shopping for gifts, parties, get togethers with family, traveling to see family and friends.

The moms at Gleaning The Harvest are counting on us to help them. Rather than buying another $20 gift for your child, who you lament each year "gets way too much", why not donate that money to one of the families on GTH?

Instead of going out to dinner as a treat after spending an entire day shopping, why not donate that $20-$30 you would have spent on the restaurant to a family at GTH?

These wonderful women trust in G-d without doubt. But G-d needs us to be the blessing. He has commanded us. Do you often ignore what G-d says? Are you one of those who only listens when it is something you want?

Please, donate to Gleaning The Harvest. These women will be forever grateful, and so will their children.



  1. This is a wonderful post! There are so many things we can do do provide for the ones less fortunate.

  2. Thank you Jo:) And thanks for sharing it on Facebook, it means the world to me.