December 26, 2010

Christmas/Shabbat was Wonderful!

My post on Christmas Eve was done out of love, and strong feelings, but also a bit of trepidation. What would other people think? Would I be fielding lots of nasty emails and comments?

I was so blessed to find the absolute opposite, which just made my decision to post it all the more important. It was surprising to find quite a few others, who like me, had struggled these past few months. I was so blessed and felt YHVH's love in their comments.

Our day was fabulous! I actually managed to get up earlier than the kids, thanks to Tater the terror, who woke me up by laying on my chest and licking my chin. Tom was the first up, at 8:00, and then we woke Sam and Joe up at 9:00. A nice relaxed morning of opening presents and then pancakes for breakfast. I got this beautiful ring from my daughter:
I had actually hinted that I liked it a week before Christmas while we were in the mall one day, but I didn't think she would get it for me. Nice surprise! The picture is a little blurry, but it's an emerald, my birthstone. I don't normally like sterling silver, but it looks good.

We went to my parent's for a few hours after lunch, and had a wonderful time with them and my brother and his family. Then it was back home for a bit of relaxing and getting dinner ready. I made roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn and biscuits. Then desert of chocolate cream pie.

We did end up going to bed early last night, as I had to get the kids off to their dad's early this morning so they could have Christmas with him. Then I helped my mother for a few hours getting some stuff done in advance of the blizzard heading our way. I also taught my grandmother how to use a Knifty Knitter loom, as she can't knit with needles since she got sick. She did well with it, so I will pick her up her own set of looms this week.

Now I am home, all hunkered down for the storm. They are saying anywhere from 12-24 inches by tomorrow night. We are in a tricky part because being just on the NH/ME border, we are just close enough to the coast, that we tend to get buried. Time will tell :) I managed to SQUEEZE the truck into the garage, so it won't be in the way for my brother when he plows tomorrow afternoon.

Hoping you are all warm, safe, and enjoying the last of your weekend.


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