December 11, 2010

Coffee and Preparedness

I am a coffee addict. There I admitted it, that is the first step right? I cannot (well I could if I had to, but would rather not) go without at least a few cups of java in the mornings. I am better than I used to be....I used to drink 4 pots (yes pots) a day. Due to my CRPS though, the doctor told me I had to cut back because it just sent the nerves into hyper overdrive.

I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning for when things go wonky. Whether it's food prices soaring, a power outage, or something more dire, I want to know I am ready. Yesterday I got one step closer to that with this little set:

I can now have coffee, no matter what:) Samantha fell in love with the cup, so I let her have that. I just wanted the top part, which is what makes the coffee. I didn't however, want to pay $5-$7 for shipping. I was in our "big city" yesterday while waiting for Samantha to finish a date, and went into the kitchen store there. I was actually looking to see if they carried dough enhancer, but found this lovely item instead. So, for $5.59, I can now have coffee anytime I want:) Power or not.


  1. When I was a kid, my parents had a conical filter holder like that and we poured boiling water into the cone, and it filtered into a melita coffee canister/pot, we never had an electric boiling machine - automatic drip machine like I do now..

    Even cappuccino was made on the stove with a little hourglass shaped metal pot with a handle.

  2. Yep, that was exactly like I wanted Sombra;) I have a gas stove, so even if the power goes out I can light it with a match, or if need be, heat water on a fire outside from wood. That way I can still have my coffee!! LOL!

  3. My husband (THE coffee lover of all time!) has had one of these individual cup makers for years and years. He claims it makes the best cup of coffee . . . even better than perked or drip. Hope yours works out as well.

  4. ROFL, you all crack me up!! This is all I've EVER used!!! Keep in mind I'm the only coffee drinker in the house...and I do own a percolator for when I have company, but they usually have to make the coffee cause I always forget the measurements!! LOL Having said all that, I have now gone one whole week without coffee!! woo hoo!!

  5. Mama Pea: I am going to test it out today:) Can't wait, since I like strong coffee and have heard it makes a nice strong cup:)

    Lori-Dawn: LOL! I am the only coffee drinker too! I thought about getting a percolator, but haven't decided yet. Maybe down the road. You are a braver woman than I for going without coffee! LOL!