December 27, 2010

Our First Big Storm....And It's a Blizzard

It doesn't look like much does it? We have been watching this storm head up from the south for several days, and waiting for it to make up it's mind what it would do. Well, it did! My dad kept insisting it would go out to sea like the last few have, but nope, actually came in some. It's hard to estimate how much we actually got, because the winds have been blowing at 40+ mph since last night, but I would have to say about 18" or so.

Some places are deep...over my boots deep, and others, like this spot by the corner of the garage, have nothing because of the wind. I haven't ventured out anywhere, and don't plan to at least till tomorrow, but probably Wednesday. My brother will come plow me out late today or tomorrow. I am not going to attempt to shovel anything, as the wind puts it back where I take it from quicker than I can blink. I did clean out a bit of this walkway for the cats, but that's it.

Want to know what a blizzard sounds like? Much like a constant freight train going by, especially if you on a hill. They say the blizzard warning is going to expire at 5pm. I am very grateful I was prepared for the storm, and other situations. I have plenty of food in my pantry and freezer, my gas tanks were just filled, I had an alternate source for light if the power went out (which I am very surprised it didn't). It is a perfect example of why you should always evaluate your situation. You never know what emergency situation could keep you home bound for several days, a week, or more.

Off to work on some yarn projects, and enjoy the day in my jammies:)



  1. wow,it is a good idea to be prepared in case you get snowed in. Perhaps not this time but who knows how the weather is next time.
    I like your new name. I was clicking on your blog yesterday on LWM and it didn't work. I meant to come here earlier and grab your new address.

    I still miss the snow:-)

  2. Too right Jo about being prepared!! Sorry about the mix up with the new name, meant to send you a message about it.