December 15, 2010

Politics and History

I don't usually post about my political views on things, except to say that I am very conservative. But last night I watched "Third Reich - The Rise" on the History Channel. I actually didn't watch it all, but plan to finish the next time it is on.

One of the things that struck me was that in less than 30 minutes of watching this show, which is about how the people of Germany allowed a man like Hitler into power, not specifically about him, were the parallels to what is currently happening in Europe today.

As a young man, before he became the Chancellor of Germany, Hitler was staging protests, building a following for his Nazi party. Every day people, mostly youth, disenchanted with what their government was doing, blindly joined. Throw in economic crisis (back then the crash of the US Stock the EU having to bail out country after country), and it is ripe for a false prophet.

In college, as an assignment for my composition class, I read Mien Kampf and wrote a paper on it. I have always been a history buff, but I wanted to know if anything in this book would signal of the things that had come to pass, and was hoping to see if I could figure out what made him the person that so many turned to. I sort of got some answers, as what he wrote in his youth, when looked at in hindsight, told a lot. But if you had read it at the time, I seriously doubt that anyone would have been able to connect the dots.

I have always said that, in the end, he told the people what they wanted to hear, and then when they were in deeper than they wanted (anyone speaking out against him was tortured and killed), they didn't know how to get out of the situation they had put themselves in. Then they paid the ultimate price as a far as Germany has come since WWII, they will always be known as the country that tried to eliminate an entire race.

In the 2008 run up to the election, our youth reminded me of the youth in Germany following Adolf Hitler. For whatever reason, they felt they needed a "messiah". A savior to take them as far away from the Bush presidency as possible. They didn't look into his background, they didn't research his short term as senator to see what he supported and didn't support. He spoke charismatically, told them what they wanted to hear, and they voted for him.

Now before I get slammed, I am in no way comparing Barack Obama, our current president to Adolf Hitler. I am comparing the youth of that time period to the youth of today. And sadly, the youth of today are now disappointed in the president. Not because he did the horrific things that Adolf Hitler did, but because he didn't live up to their expectations based on his promises, and his rock-star persona.

Then I look at the youth of Europe and what they are doing...mostly rioting. No, not every youth is, but many. Their countries can no longer support them in the way to which they are accustomed, and like a spoiled child who has his favorite toy taken away, they are throwing temper tantrums, with deadly consequences. My fear is that these young people, who rather than looking to the past, and studying what would help their situation, are attacking. Because their college education is going to cost double or triple (which, for my friends in Europe is still getting off cheap because in the US it is still more expensive than what you will end up with). They are rioting because they will have to retire 40 years.

It scares me what I see in the youth of today. The entitlement mentality, which can be contributed both to parents and the government. And the quickness in which they will attack when they perceive they are threatened. I just hope that they have enough sense to think....really think....before seeking that next messiah. They may regret their decision, just as the youth of Germany in the late 1920's and early 1930's did.

There is only one Messiah...Yeshua. He is the only one that YHVH ever sent to watch over us, save us, and protect us. My desperate prayer is that the youth of today seek HIM out, not a man.

I realize that some may find this post offensive. If that is the case, please just click the red box in the top corner of your browser tab, and don't give it another thought. This was so on my heart last night that I had a hard time sleeping, and had to get it out and share it.



  1. I have had some of those thoughts too. Hubby and I are history buffs. Recently I read that new book out on Diettrich Bonhoeffer...and the evens were creepily similar.

  2. This is such a great post!
    I totally agree with what you are saying. Thanks for writing this.

  3. Excellent Stephanie! I agree with you!

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart, I love it when bloggers who share their opinion and truth, as long as they are not rude about it.... anyway you made some good points....shalom!

  5. Theresa, I will have to look for that book. Thanks:)

    Thank you Jo! It just shocked me so much watching this show, and what I have seen on the news lately, that I had to write it.

    Thank you Joycelyn!:) I'm glad you enjoyed the post

    Andi, thanks darlin:) Sometimes it is hard to share things like for fear of backlash, but I figured if I was wrong, YHVH would let me have it, and if I wasn't, he would protect me:)

  6. This is a great post, Stephanie. The parallels between today and the late 1920s are eerily similar, though it is worth remembering that the economic downturns were engineered by the bankers to line their pockets.

    You mention the entitlement attitude among the youth in the West and the responsibility for that upon earlier generations and the government. I'm 22, a postgraduate student in a top engineering school here in the U.S., and for some time have been alarmed at the aforesaid attitude among this generation. It's not simply the selfishness but a want of understanding that the welfare state and social programmes will bankrupt a nation, and that they have few scruples about who should bear rule. As for Obama, he is definitely a master of agitprop, most notably with people my age. As sad as it is, your temper tantrum spoilt child parallel aptly summarises their mentality.

  7. Mark,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read my post. I am glad to see that you, as a person in this age bracket that I posted about, don't follow this mentality. I think a lot of it, seriously, has to do with parental influence. My children don't have a lot of material things, and I try to emphasize values and personal conviction more than those things. I hope that my children fall into the category you do, rather than those I wrote about in my post.

    Have a blessed day.

  8. I think a lot of it, seriously, has to do with parental influence.

    just saying I disagree with this.

    Liked the post and even see some similarities but it also seems that people always see what they want to see. [parental influence or not]

    The people of the US wanted to see a savior and they did - now some don't see what they think their savior should have provided [although in my opinion our president is pretty much doing all that he said he would do - I just don't think most were listening] and are calling fowl.

    God appointed Obama for the US at this time just as God appointed Hitler during his time - NOT to say at all that God is the author of hate, evil or anything Sinful NO WAY - just saying he knows how all this is going to play out.

    Whether we are under a ruler who seeks God in his rule or not - ultimately it is God - All [good and evil] is working toward that final day.

  9. Sara,
    You know I always enjoy your comments! :) I agree that YHVH knows before we do what will happen, and he knows what the final outcome will be. But he also gave us free will, and sadly, many young people aren't using that for the best choices.
    I still believe that parental influence has a lot to do with it, because this is where we first learn right from wrong, good from evil. And if you are not taught that you are not entitled to everything you want, then you come to expect everything you think you deserve.

    Thanks so much for coming over!! I miss seeing you:)