December 22, 2010

This and that..

Yep, going to be one of "those" posts...the kind you write to mash a bunch of unrelated things together, so that you can at least claim you "made an appearance".

That is outside my house tonight. Maybe a half an inch so far. Should be more for all the flurries all day long. Like the weather-woman said today "it's like you are in a snowglobe without much to show for it". According to most reports we have a chance of 2-4" by morning. I will believe it when I see it.

I seriously shouldn't be complaining, since just 2 years ago, we broke an all time record with 140" in one winter. We are blessed (cursed?? Not sure which), to be surrounded by lakes. In our town alone there are 5, maybe 6? Then you have the whopper, Lake Winnipesaukee, which takes up a large chunk of land. But this year it is too cold to snow. Oh well, just praying we get enough over the course of the winter to have a good watershed for next year.

My grandmother is doing better since coming home from the hospital. For several weeks I was down at my Mom's nearly every day helping out. Now she can get around enough that I don't have to. She isn't getting "better" as in she will be back to her old self....she is after all 93, with all sorts of things in a "failing" state for years. And this last brush with pneumonia really took a toll on her, but for where she was a month ago, she is better. And my mom is relaxing just a smidge.

The kids are all doing really well. Samantha has a new beau. He isn't her boyfriend, as she informed me, but they have been on 2 dates so far, and seem to be hitting it off. She is also all signed up for her second semester at college, which starts after the first of the year. Now if she could just get her driving test passed, so I don't have to drive her every day:)

Joe is Joe...same "old man soul" in a young kid's body. I swear sometimes that boy is 50, not 15 lol! He just got some amazing news today....His history teacher nominated him, and his cousin Samantha, for the National Young Leaders State Conference, to be 2 of the kids that would represent NH at the conference in MA later next year. It seems to be a great program, and we will look into all options for raising the money for him to go.

Tom is officially a teenager now...YHVH help me!! A house full of teens! He is working out in his head whether or not he is still a kid, a teen, or what. He will always be the youngest, a fact I don't think he much likes. But where he goes from here, is any body's guess...his hormones have his poor body in such an outrage that he isn't sleeping well. Guess who gets to stay up until he does? Yep, that would be me.

We didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to for school work this month, but I have serious (read: I will whip myself with a wet noodle if I don't) plans for over break to get a set in stone schedule down, and work out several weeks of work for him to plug away at. Now that mom doesn't need me every day, it should make it easier.

Well, I hope you all have a blessed Christmas, and please be safe.


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