January 1, 2011

"Mom, I have a question....."

That is how the phone conversation with my 15 year old son started yesterday afternoon, when he called my cell. I was at my parent's, visiting with my aunt, who came up from Florida to see my grandmother.

Son: "You know how there is a big open space in front of the bay window, since you moved the couch to the other wall in the living room the other day?"

Me: "Yeahhhh?"

Son: "Welllll, Alex's (a friend of his) mom has a 55 gallon aquarium that she doesn't want anymore, and Tyler (his cousin) and I offered to take it off her hands if you said yes".

Me: hesitation....I REALLY do not want to be responsible for the amount of water a 55 gallon aquarium can hold, in a rented house, should it break.....silence on my part.

Son: "We aren't going to put fish into it, we want to make a terrarium."

Me: "Ok, that I can handle"...insert big "SIGH" of relief here.

Son: "And I made a deal with Tyler that we could have some salamanders in it, when spring comes and we can get some out in the woods."

Me: "That is fine, but it has to have a screen cover on it with weight so they cannot get out."

Son: "Okay!"

So when I pick my son up on Sunday from his friend's, I will gain a 55 gallon terrarium in my living room. Said space that he is talking about is not really "empty". It is where I put my rocking chair. Oh well, guess I can sacrifice the space in the name of enjoyment...theirs, not mine lol.

Hope you are all blessed in the coming New Year, and that YHVH watches over you and your families.



  1. Hi Stephanie,
    How exciting that you had the opportunity to meet your aunt.
    Wow, at least you don't have to fill the tank up with water! And they are not going to have snakes in it.

    take care.

  2. Jo, yes it was wonderful to see her again:) She comes up usually in August every year for my grandmother's birthday, but with her health not doing well, she wanted to come sooner.

    I couldn't do the water even if I wanted too, I don't think the landlords will allow it. And no, there will be no snakes!! LOL!

  3. Oh, goodness. You're so much nicer and more understanding than I am! I cannot handle reptiles of any kind! Good luck with that!