January 15, 2011

Snow and Sickies

We got hit pretty hard on two fronts this week. First was the flu, which began at 3 a.m. Sunday morning with my 15 year old son. He fought through it for 2 days, then my 13 year old son came down with it for 2 days. My daughter and I seemed to evade it. Miraculous for me, since I tend to get everything going around, and I was the one on nurse duty. My daughter succumbed to it on Thursday, although hers wasn't nearly as violent as the boys.

I still haven't gotten the flu, but seem to have gotten some sort of a head cold. A weird head cold, as it is in my eyes mostly. They won't stop running, and hurt, causing me to have a constant headache. A bit of a "come and go" sore throat is part of it too, but thankfully not major. It will pass within a few days hopefully, as the eye thing is annoying.

The second hit was in snow. A good, old fashioned Nor'easter. Originally they were calling for 8-10 inches, but by the time it hit us early Wednesday, they upped that total to 12-14 inches. When it was all said and done, Wednesday night, we ended up with nearly 2 feet. Thankfully I made sure to stock up on the essentials early in the week, rather than wait like many people, until the day before. I had my freezer full, closets full, and so no worries on that front. We hunkered down and enjoyed the view.
This was Wednesday morning about 7 a.m. At this point we had about one foot of snow, and it was still coming down nice and heavy. Because of where our house sits, on a hill in town, we get lots of wind from all directions, so many times we get drifts that are much deeper than what we actually got for snowfall.

Late Wednesday my brother came and "punched" us out....two quick swipes just so we could get out if we needed to for an emergency. No, I wouldn't have used the car buried out back. My truck was in the garage and could have gotten out if we needed too. This was about 7 a.m Thursday morning, after the storm had moved out.

This shows how badly the snow drifts on the front of the house. That snow is almost 4 feet deep. We did get it shoveled out some, so the cats can come and go through that door (they insist, despite my best efforts to make them use the back door), and if we had to get out the front door for an emergency.

My brother came back Thursday afternoon and finished plowing us out, and the result is this 8 foot snow bank in the back yard....
Rumor has it we might see another storm on Tuesday of next week. Time will tell:) Winter is definitely here!



  1. My kids would love that snow piled in the back after shoveling. They used to make tunnels in those piles when we lived in Sweden..

    It seems like you had quite a week with storms and the flu. Good thing your brother could come and plow some of that snow. My mother lives in south of Sweden, and it is all flat and no trees, they get a lot of drift snow messing up all the roads..

    I hope next week will be better, and that you don't get that storm on Tuesday.

  2. Yes it was quite the week Jo lol. Glad it is over;)
    Joe has been out eyeballing the best way to carve a fort into the snow bank. With the cold temps we have had since the storm, I think he might need a chisel lol.

    Have a great week too!