March 19, 2011

Signs of Spring

Slow and steady, spring has been creeping up on us. It started a few weeks ago, with a random warm day here and there. When you have been getting buried in snow all winter, and colder than normal temps....45-50 is warm!

Then we started seeing the birds:
A day or so later, we started seeing fat robins in the back yard too. Unfortunately, so did Tater, our cat. He was laying in the driveway watching the birds under the feeder, and then ran and scared them off.

We pretty much have a front yard again, albeit covered in random sticks and some downed tree branches from the previous storm with high winds. That will need to be cleaned up, and I am hoping I can tackle some of that this weekend.

We hit nearly 70 yesterday, with very strong winds, which helped melt more snow out in the back yard. Unfortunately the ground is soaked to capacity, so I woke to a bit of water in the basement. I was smart and made sure nothing that could be damaged was on the floor when we moved in this house. There is a little "well" built into the floor, with a sump pump in it to take the water out of the basement. But it is such a small amount, maybe less than an inch, that it is requiring me to use the broom to push it to the "well". That's ok though, as long as it doesn't get worse.

The water is on the side of the basement where the furnace and hot water heater are....which means if it gets much higher, it might affect them. Why they never put them up on cinderblocks, knowing there is sometimes water in the basement, I will never know. But what can you do. So I will be babysitting the basement after I run a few errands this morning. I have to drop the boys off to their father, drop Samantha off to help her friend move, and take Tater to the vet.

If you remember, last year when we first got Tater, he got bit by our dog Bella. When she bit him, she damaged the third eyelid in his right eye. He also got into a fight with something a few months back, that did more damage to the eye. My biggest concern at the moment is that the eye keeps running and getting severely red. He will be going to make sure there is no infection. If there is anything they can do with the third eyelid, it will be something I will have to save up for. He is nearly blind in that eye due to it creeping up over the eye.

But it doesn't seem to be slowing him down any....he has become quite the tramp, staying out all night, and being gone most of the day. He is still bringing the "catch" home....he left a mole for us the other day.

The kids are all doing well and adjusting to the new job situation. There are some kinks to work out in the system, but we are getting there. I found out a hard lesson this past week. Don't take a sick day unless you can help it. I was out last Friday with some sort of stomach bug. I paid for it in my paycheck this week. Unless I am dying, I will not be taking time off again.

Ok, off to get the weekend work done. Have a blessed day!

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