March 20, 2011

Sunday Scribbles

Mama Tea, over at A Farmish Kind of Life, does a feature called "Sunday Scribbles". Here is how she describes it: "Sundays at this farmish place are reserved for Scribbles - short, random musings that collect while my mind has time to wander on this day of (supposed) rest. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own in the comments."

I thought this might be a neat way to catch up with all of you here and there, since with work, I am still figuring out my new schedule...what works for me as far as getting all I want to get done, balanced with all that I need to get done. So here is my first installment of Sunday Scribbles........

*Mother Nature is teasing me. I put up yesterday morning's post about spring, and looked up to see it snowing. It lasted for several hours, but thankfully the ground was too warm for it to stay long. It has already melted. The birds were as confused as I was.

*I had to buy another Tracfone for the boys. Seems they like separating when I allow them to go downtown, and then I am stuck with one of them without a phone. Now I will be able reach both of them while I am at work....a MUST, especially with summer vacation just around the corner.

*I am ITCHING to get outside and start working on getting ready for the garden. We will have a pretty good size area this year, and I plan on doing tomatoes in containers, as well as some other stuff. Going to try planting potatoes in a trash can this year and see what happens.

*We got a bit of water in our basement yesterday. Not a lot...less than an inch. But it required me to turn on the sump pump, and sweep it to the "well" where the pump sits, to keep it away from the furnace. Nothing was damaged, but the clutter must be cleaned up down there...SOON.

*I am eyeing starting my own Virtual Assistant business again. This time there will be no excuses. No fear stopping me, no outdated skills to hinder me. I am setting up a schedule to study, to get up to speed on my computer software skills, as well as other things, that will help make this a success. I love my job, but would love to still be able to work/make income, and be home. This is a goal for down the road....3-5 years.

*Wish there was a way I could wave a magic wand and help my daughter get over her current bout of insecurity.

*Am single again. Although truth be told, I was still, all long, while with Sir Jack. Now several people at work are trying to set me up with other people. Would love to be in a relationship, but not sure I want to at this point. Too many plans and dreams, selfishly I don't know if I am willing to compromise on most of them.

Have a blessed day!!


  1. Scribbles are a great way to get people caught up without sitting down to write a in depth blog post. That's exactly why I started doing them! Thanks for playing along. :)

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Mama Tea!!!