April 9, 2011

Upcoming Plans

There is a lot on the planning list of what needs to be done now that spring is finally here (knocking on wood). We were in the 50's the last few days, despite our snow last week, and they are predicting 60's all weekend, and 70's by Monday.

First on the agenda is to get the yard cleaned up. We had some pretty strong storms this winter, with high winds, that caused a lot of large and small tree branches to come down in the yard. Cleaning those up, and raking will be the first order of business this Sunday. All three kids will be out helping, each with an assigned job.

My truck still needs tires and a front end alignment, which will be done next Friday while I am at work. This is very much due to my co-worker and now friend, Cyndee. She was able to get me a great deal at her hubby's dealership, and they will even come pick the truck up, do the work while I am at my job, and bring it back before the end of the day.

My landlord's haven't contacted me yet about when they will be coming back for the summer, but if the temps continue to rise, I am guessing around the end of May. They drive their RV up from Florida, and park in the back yard for the summer. So, aside from getting the yard in order, we need to do a deep cleaning of the house as well. It isn't horrible by any measure, but would like to get the carpets outside soon and steam clean them, wash all the floors under them, and do a good scrubbing of all surfaces. Just a good way to brush away winter:).

We will also be borrowing my parent's tiller soon to work up the garden patch. I plan to get that planted asap and use a low hoop house if needed at night. We are still getting pretty cool temps then.

Lots to do, but it is so enjoyable to have productive work ... especially when it involves taking care of my family:)

But today is solely relaxing, and spending time with my oldest daughter, and my two grandbabies!

Have a blessed day!

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