April 30, 2011

The Weekend "To Do" List

I was suppose to be "kidless" this weekend, with all 3 going to see Dad. But late yesterday, Tom decided that he wanted to be home to ride his bike around town some. I reminded him that he would be missing out on fishing, but he was ok with that, because he can go fishing down at the lake.

I am hoping to accomplish a lot this weekend, between running errands. Here is a snapshot of what I want to get done:

-Gather and copy all paperwork to recert for food stamps (yep, still need that bit of assistance .... for now).

-Yard work....need to finish raking some areas and move the stuff, finish getting the garden area ready so dad can till it for me this weekend (if he doesn't forget).

- Pack up the truck late Sunday to take a huge load of junk to Saver's. It is junk in my eyes, since we don't need/want it anymore, but in all truth it is all still very useable. They give a 15% coupon when you donate stuff, to use in the store side next time you shop (and I will be needing new pants again, thanks to the recent weight loss).

-Deep clean the dining room, living room, and bathroom.

- Empty out the bookcases in the living room, packing up books we no longer use, to take to savers.

-Dump run

-Clean out the Neon, and get it ready to do some minor work on it so that it passes inspection in May. It will be the vehicle that Sam drives now that she finally got her license (Yeah!!).

-Pack up all the scrapbooking stuff so I can finally drop it off at a friend's mother's...for her to pick up next time she is down this way. I am not doing scrapbooking anymore, and while I have a lot of money invested in the supplies, I just cannot justify holding onto it anymore.

-Once the scrapbook stuff is packed, I can then finish cleaning that corner of the basement in preparation for the "new to me" washer and dryer that we are hoping to pick up next weekend. Cyndee that I work with, is selling me a set she has in her garage.

-Need to move the clothesline from over the driveway in preparation for the landlord's arrival on the 16th. I am hoping they are ok with where I will move it to, but if they aren't, I will have to deal with it. It must be moved so that they can get in and out of the driveway from where they park their 5th wheel RV out back for the summer.

-Going grocery shopping with Mom this morning. Hoping to pick up some seeds so I can finally get those started.

Not a bad list, and I must keep up my mental health to get it all accomplished. Too often lately, I look at the list, shrug, and walk away from it. I can't keep doing that, otherwise I will regret it later.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I know it seems like a lot to do/get accomplished, but doesn't it feel good to have it all laid out like you have? Sometimes I think half the work is just knowing what needs to be done, and then DOING it! Have a great weekend. Hope you have sunshine. We're totally lacking it here . . . but at least it's not raining or snowing . . . yet!

  2. Yes it does feel good Mama Pea! I got the deep clean done on the kitchen yesterday, stood back and smiled:) We got some sun late yesterday, enough to finish drying the laundry I had hung out. This morning I got up to nothing but sun, so out to the garden area I go this morning, to get it ready. Dad was supposed to till it for me, but I suspect he forgot, so I will be working with the shovel to remove the layer of grass. Might not get it all done today, but to work out there and get dirty is a blessing!!
    Praying you have a fabulous day today, and you get that much needed sun!!!