May 6, 2011

And We Have..........LIFTOFF!

Thanks to an amazing job, and a wonderful co-worker, I was able to take today off from work as a vacation day. Did I lay out in the sun tanning and eating bon-bons? Nope.

Did I sit and watch soap opera's all day? Nope. So what did I do to keep myself busy?

How is this for a hint?

How about this?

Or this?

Yes! I finally got the garden area tilled! I was so excited to get it done, you have no idea:). It felt so good to get that dirt turned. While I kept pleading with the wind to continue, to keep the black flies from my face, I made many muscles and my bad shoulder sore getting this done, but the joy of seeing the fresh dirt.....better than chocolate I think lol!

On top of that I also did:

-Picked up my niece, and met my brother.
-Went to the dump (still need to make another trip to get rid of old bikes)
-Picked up my washer and dryer from the wonderful woman I work with
-Brought everything back to my house.
-Changed out the glass insert for the storm door to the screen.
-Took down some temporary fiberglass panels that get put up in the winter to protect the back door area from the snow.
-Cleaned up the leaves and mess that had gathered in that corner of the back door over the last few months.
-Went and got my mom her Mother's Day/Birthday present (we will give this to her on Sunday).
-Also stopped at Tractor Supply and bought myself a new book from Storey's, on raising beef cattle.
-Took the kids out to eat at a local place called Poor People's Pub

Now I am in my jammies, relaxing for a few minutes before I collapse into bed. I think it was an extremely productive vacation day!! I could do that type of day each and every single day of my life:)

Be blessed!


  1. Wow! You accomplished a ton in one day...great job! It feels great huh....Blessings!

  2. So excited to see how your garden plots will develop this summer. You must be excited, too! I see lots of luscious, fresh vegetables in your future. Have fun!

  3. Andi, Yes it does!!!! I have been whining about not getting the garden ready yet, for weeks. I think the woman I work with agreed to the day off so that I would just shush about the garden lol.

  4. Thanks Mama Pea, I am super excited!! Can't wait to get the seeds in the ground:)