May 5, 2011

Spring Doings

More and more, we are seeing sure signs of spring. Some, like this tree are pleasant signs (the black flies, not so much). I have asked many friends online and most agree it is a Tulip Tree, which comes from the magnolia family. You can read more about it here.

I didn't even know this tree was special in any way, because when we moved in last fall, it didn't have any flowers. Up until last week, it didn't have any buds, but suddenly over the weekend, and then the few days after, the flowers started blooming.

One of the absolute heavenly benefits of this tree, besides it's beauty, is that it is only about 15 or so feet from the garden area. It attracts the bees, which is a good thing for pollination. I am seriously considering making sure I have some of these on my property when we move to our own place (hopefully in a year or two...more on that down the road).

I haven't started planting anything in the garden yet. My father was supposed to come till the rest of the area for me, but it didn't work out that way. If he doesn't come by Friday, I will stop on my way home and get the tiller and do it myself. I need to get the stuff started asap. Especially the carrots, if I am going to do successive plantings to have enough for the freezer.

I get very discouraged sometimes at this place....the yard is HUGE here at this house, and if it were mine, I would plant the whole thing for food. Unfortunately it's not. So I continue to learn from other homesteaders online, as well as people in my everyday life, so that I can make plans for the future on our own land.

G-d knows what he is doing, and I have to trust his plan for what will happen in the future. That is easier said than done sometimes. But I also need to buckle down and make myself put my ducks in a row. He has given me certain talents, that will allow me to eventually work from home, so that I can do the homestead and still produce an income. I need to stop letting my fear of failure control me and do the hard things to get it to that point.

Stay tuned for some photos and descriptions of some creative gardening I have planned!!

Have a blessed day!

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