May 15, 2011

The Tale of the Garden

Looks wonderful doesn't it? My brother re-tilled it for me Monday, as I didn't have the oomph to get deep enough. My shoulder just wouldn't let me. Sad thing is, there isn't a darn thing planted in it yet.

We have been getting random rain for weeks, and frankly it's getting depressing. This week they are saying rain for EVERY....SINGLE....DAY. Depending on how heavy the showers are, I may say "whatever" and try to get the carrot and onion seeds in anyway.

I finally got the tomato and green bean seeds started in the house.......

The green beans started sprouting within two days! The tomatoes haven't done much yet, but expect them too soon. Then they will get transplanted into the garden area.

I also will get the sweet cherry tomatoes started in the pots I am going to hang here:
I will be putting rectangular containers on the ground here as well, and putting in peas. That way when they start to grow up, I can tie them to the framing of the "wall". In the winter this area is closed with fiberglass panels that get screwed to the framework, to keep the snow from the back door. My hope is to have a "wall of food", between the tomatoes and the peas.

Time and weather will be the deciding factor on whether my plans work or not lol.

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