May 11, 2011

The "To Do" List

As you could see from my last few posts, I have been plugging away at THE LIST. I got a surprise in an email today though, that threw me for a tailspin a bit. Our landlord will be back (hubby and wife) tomorrow for the summer, rather than Monday.

I had hopes of getting more done than I have this week. I am probably over reacting to the fact that they will be parked in the backyard for the summer. I pay to live here, I do nothing wrong, so why worry? I am a private person, so to have them here for 3 months or so, just bugs me. Weird, maybe.

So in an effort to get some last minute stuff done today that I wanted to after work, this is what the kids and I did:

-Samantha cleaned much of the house today (yeah Sam!)
-Sam and Joe helped me move the railroad ties to the side of the garden.
-I took the clothesline down (it will be in the way while the landlord is here)
-I cooked dinner
-I planted seeds for tons of tomato and green bean plants in starter trays...FINALLY
-Got a bunch of piddly housekeeping chores done
-Cleaned the bathroom
-Tom cleaned his share of his bedroom

Tomorrow I will be at work when the landlord arrives. Sam is going to try finishing mowing the lawn, and we will work in the garden tomorrow after I get home. I stink at tilling, and didn't put enough weight on it to break the ground really well, so we need to do some manual labor before the seeds can go in for carrots, onions and spinach.

I also had a date last night:) Someone that the woman I work with, introduced me to. He is very nice, very "normal", and we are hoping to get together again this weekend.

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Seems like it would be the proper thing to do for your landlords to give you a slight decrease in your rent for the months they are parked in your backyard??? Just sayin'.

    Hope you have another good experience with your date/friend this weekend! And that the gardening goes well.

  2. You would think Mama Pea, but nope. So far, it seems like they will just keep to themselves. They have been here nearly a week, and other than saying hi in the yard if we are both out, and paying my rent, I haven't talked to them.
    The garden is tilled (my brother redid it for me since I didn't have the muscle to go deep enough), but nothing planted in it yet due to constant rain. Do have my tomatoes and green beans started finally though, so soon I will get them out there. Gotta get the carrots and onions in.

    No 2nd date yet, we are still trying to coordinate schedules, he works weird hours lol.

    Hope you are feeling better, and spring is starting to head your way.