May 28, 2011

Training and the Birthday

I spent the week at another district's office this past week, for training on our new computer system. It was fun, hard work, and worth it for the people I got to meet. Being so new to the company, I have talked to people from other districts on the phone, but never actually met anyone in person.

I was fortunate to room with a very nice woman. She had already been through the 2 weeks of training we are currently going through, but she had to do it again because she will be one level above me, in the approval process.

There were many laughs, many struggles with the new computer system (because the user manual isn't exactly user friendly), and three birthdays that week. Mine was the first and I was surprised at lunch with a delivery of flowers to the office, from my parents and kids.

Aren't they beautiful? Mom made sure to tell the lady to send me something very bright and springy. I think they fit the bill nicely.

The extra bonus for the week was that we got to leave early on Friday! For many of us this was a huge blessing, as we lived at least an hour away, if not more. And most of us had to travel north.....the same direction as all the tourists who would be flocking up for the first long weekend of the season. I was grateful beyond belief to be home in just 1 1/2 hours. It could have been a few more, had we left much later than we did.

All in all it was a good trip, learned lots, still have more to learn when I go back for my second week soon. But it sure is good to be home in my own home, and my own bed.

I took it easy today due to catching a very bad cold while at training. I am now on antibiotics for the chest crud, and slowly improving. Hoping to get a lot done tomorrow and Monday. Need to get the garden planted no matter what. Even if it is raining again, I will be out there getting wet lol.

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