June 25, 2011

Another Week Flies By

Well hello there! Miss me? LOL it seems like I have been way too busy to get much of anything done online lately. I check Facebook for a few minutes each evening, read my emails, and then it's back to the grind of practicing for the new system we are moving to at work in a few weeks.

I got a wonderful surprise this week though, concerning that. In this new computer software set up, we will have "roles". There are different levels to the roles, and different required activities that must be performed. I am a CRR (Customer Relations Representative) which means that I answer the phones, help customers with billing, deliveries, etc. We also have many behind the scenes things that we do to keep our particular district running smoothly for our manager.

In the new system there are two new roles to be added. One is a Super User. This person will be just above a CRR (not really supervisory, but in access and activities). Then there is the Master Super User, who will be the "go to" person for the Super Users in his/her area when they need help answering a question for the CRRs that they help.

I was asked by the Area Manager to be a super user:). He did his training in my 2 week class, and for a "big boss" he is great! He has a great sense of humor and I really enjoyed getting to know him. I was surprised beyond belief when my manager asked me if I would like to be a super user! I also get a nice little raise from it, broken into two parts. I will get 3% now, and then another 2% in the fall. Apparently he was impressed with how quickly I picked up the new system (I was 2nd in my scores for the class), and the fact that I drove everyone NUTS with all the questions I asked.

They teased me the last few days of training that they were going to duct tape me, so I couldn't ask any questions. BUT.......if I am going to do a job, I want to know all the info I need for it, so I can do it to the best of my ability. That is how my parent's raised me. And it seems to have paid off, after only a few months with the company.

In the role of Super User, there will be certain tasks that I have to do to complete things like new customer set up, etc. I will still do my normal duties as a CRR, and will also be the first person that my co-worker and the office in Lewiston ME will come to with questions on how to do something in the new system. I have been working hard to get things up to speed for myself in the software, as there are a few areas I haven't had time to practice in. It doesn't help that they keep taking the practice environment down for maintenance over the weekends, which is when I would log the bulk of my hours. I should be able to get a good 5-6 hours in tonight, if things work out as planned.

Because of all that is going on at work, not much is happening at the house. I did get sawdust down around the garden last weekend, but I noticed the other night when I took a stroll out there, it really should be much deeper to keep the weeds away. Will have to get out there and weed, but it's raining non stop, so maybe one day next week. Everything that is planted seems to be doing well, although not growing as fast as I would like, since we have almost no heat lately. It hasn't gotten above 60 this week :(.

Ok, busy morning with a dentist appointment and a walk-through with the landlord so that I can sign a new lease. Have a blessed weekend!!

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