June 19, 2011

Home Again...Jiggity Jig

I got back Friday about 5pm from my last week of training for the new computer system at work. It was a great week, but I missed my family and being home. My mom is the best, and had dinner waiting for us when I got back...she rocks!! I was very tired, so it was appreciated that I didn't have to cook dinner that night. I made some great friends while at training, and know we will be in touch a lot, just to catch up, as well as helping each other out when we get stuck on the new system. Here is a group shot before we finished on Friday:
I have a busy week ahead of me. My garden needs some serious attention, which I plan on dealing with today. The peas have really taken off in the containers I planted them in, so it's time to move them to the garden. I still haven't planted the cukes or spinach, so going to get them into the ground today as well. I also plan on getting the newspaper and wood shavings down to keep weeding to a minimum.

We will be doing a "walk through" with the landlords, probably Tuesday night after work, so we can sign the new lease for the coming year. Praying this will be my last year renting, but G-d is in control, and will wait on Him.

Yesterday we watched all the grand babies for a few hours so my daughter and my step-daughter from my first marriage could go to a celebration of life for a friend's mother. We took the kiddos to the beach for a few hours (which the mommy's will thank us for ... I'm sure they all crashed hard last night lol).

I also have a new home "office", albeit in my bedroom. My younger brother gave me two night stands that he had and didn't need anymore. My father made me a desk top out of 3/4" plywood, which he painted white, and added vinyl tiles to that I picked up. Here is a shot of my set up:
I still have some tweeking to do. There are actually 3 draws on those night stands (the bottom one got cut off in the photo). I am going to make the two bottom draws as one (taking the bottom out of one and using metal plates to have them pull out as one) and they will become my filing drawers. One on each side should be plenty for now. That will get rid of the need for the file boxes I have stashed in the closet at the moment, and put everything right at hand.

Ok, time to get my 2nd cup of coffee and get busy for the day. I will upload some garden shots later today, once the sun comes up.

Be blessed!

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