June 12, 2011

A New Week

I am seriously starting to think that I should have held off on a garden this year. It's doing well, what is in the ground. I still haven't gotten any cukes or spinach planted.

Work has been keeping me busy busy busy, and now I leave again for another week of training for the new computer system. The landlord will keep an eye on the garden itself and water for me, and Sam will water the stuff in containers near the house.

I am glad for the extra hours at work, I mean really, who couldn't use extra money. But it also takes away from anything I might do at home. I joke with some people that I don't have a "life" because I don't date, don't go out other than to run errands or go to work. But in reality, I have a very full life and I love it.

My kids are older now (teens) so they don't need me 24/7 like they did, but they still need my guidance and a firm hand to make sure they are making the right choices. But I have thing that are part of running the house on a daily basis, that while I may not enjoy fully, need to be done. I also have those things that I do enjoy doing, that don't feel like work to me.

Home is my life. I have known that for many years. It is where I prefer to be 99.9% of the time. I am working towards that goal for the work side of my life too, but cannot give out too many details just yet. Just keep me in prayer.

Have a blessed week!


  1. It truly is hard to find enough hours in each day to do what you want, isn't it? But you are sounding happy and that counts for a lot. Try not to be too impatient. You've got a lot on your plate right now.

  2. So very true Mama Pea:) Thanks for the encouragement, I truly needed it!!