June 5, 2011

They Grow Up Too Fast

Amid the chaos of trying to get a garden in, the training at work, and daily life.......my kids are growing up on me! It was a shock that Samantha graduated high school a year ago, and now another milestone is hitting me square in the face:

Joe is going to be graduating 8th grade in 2 weeks. He had his Semi-Formal this past Friday evening, and thankfully parents were allowed to come down for awhile and take photos.

He is such an amazing young man. I dubbed him my "Mini Einstein" when he was just 4 years old and it has stuck. This young man knows so much about things that interest him. Sailing, science of any kind, history. He wants to become a history teacher, and I truly believe he will reach that goal easily. I love that he has a passion for history, as that is one of my passions too. The conversations we have had, for hours on end about that subject, make me smile.

He looks just like his father, he could be his twin. I knew it would be this way from the day he was born....he has these little indents on his ears, that he could only get from his dad. He has his sense of humor too :) Snarky sometimes, but always fun, never mean spirited.

His cousin Tyler is also graduating. They are very close, and I am grateful for this. There are many cousins in his class that he has become really good friends with. And others that are like family, and I hope they all continue to be friends when they hit the high school in another town. It's hard, I know, I went through that. You don't see each other every day, and drift apart. But he will make new friends as well. He does that easily, all my children do.

I was blessed to be able to homeschool him for so many years. He is a pleasure to teach, always willing to soak up whatever I threw his way.

My prayer is that he continues to follow his passions, and never stops learning. We also got some good news this past week, concerning one of his passions. His teacher recommended him for a course at a local boat museum, to build his own 1 person canoe. We filled out the paperwork about a month ago, she wrote a glowing letter of recommendation, and he is in. Full scholarship for the nearly $700 course that runs a week. So buy the end of the 2nd week of August, this young man will finally have his own boat, built by him.

What a ride it's been with him. Hearing loss at 18 months, hearing corrected at 4 years old. Years of speech therapy, fighting to get him to learn to read. Trying to keep up with him in the area of science (he was always 2 steps ahead of me lol). It's a joy to see the man he is turning into. Kind hearted, compassionate, thirsty for knowledge, handy with tools.

Congrats Joe!!
(will post pics of the graduation when it happens.)

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