July 17, 2011

A Day Off

On Friday, before leaving work, I asked my boss if we were working the weekend. He said he didn't think we needed to, did we? Well I do, but he is ok with me doing it from home.

Yesterday was my first day off in 12 days. So here is my question.......Why did I feel guilty that I didn't do a darn thing all day other than grocery shopping? I certainly earned the time off, to do nothing but sit on my touche and watch Netflix most of the day, while working on a looming project I have started (and praying I finish). Sometimes I don't understand my own brain lol.

It has been a busy but productive week here. My youngest, Tom(13), has been working a few days a week at a local farm, picking berries. He has earned $34 so far, and is working this week again. He gets paid 63 cents a pint. I am glad for this opportunity for him. He seems to be the one who will do the least amount of effort when it comes to a job around here for me (not sure if it is "youngest syndrome" or something I did in raising him, hope it's not the latter), so having him work for someone else really is giving him a taste of what work is.

Speaking of work, my daughter just got her first real paying gig. Yeah!! The poor kid has been applying everywhere! She will be working part-time at the little town grocery store down the street from our house, in the deli. She is excited! I know she will do fabulous!

As I said, I have worked 12 days straight, with the new system going "live" this past Monday. We all survived pretty well, considering the training wasn't intensive enough in my opinion. That was through no fault of the trainers, they were fabulous. But the company decided to try and cram it all into 2 weeks, thus we have huge gaps in what we should know, but we are all pulling together, and helping each other out where we can.

Today will be working from home....LOVE that I can do that! I have a lot to get done, but will just plug away and should be ok.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!


  1. No guilt! You can not work hard if you are not rested. There is a season for EVERYTHING, including laying around like third base in front of a long line of movies! :)

    Praying the Lord multiply your rest!

  2. Love that "laying around like third base" Q!! Hope you have a blessed week!:)

  3. Seems like you're working awfully, awfully hard at your paying job. Do you get paid for the time you put in at home? I know you're super-conscientious and try to do the best possible job. After a period of constant pushing, you have to shut down just to recharge your batteries. Be good to yourself!

  4. Yes I have been getting paid for what I do at home Mama Pea, because I have a fabulous boss! During training I wasn't, but he told me last week he doesn't want me doing it for free anymore, so I have been keeping track of my hours.
    I am trying to be good to myself, but you know how it is :)