July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Not only is this a weekend to celebrate what our country is.....It is a long weekend. Unlike much of the free world that seems to be flowing into our state to enjoy our lakes and mountains (thank you tourists for the cash flow), I will not be resting much.

The plans for this weekend are:
-Do a much neglected dump run
-Work in the garden
-Spend the bulk of my time on the computer, practicing the software for work, in preparation for our "GO LIVE" on July 12th
-Cleaning, laundry, puttering around the house

We will be enjoying dinner at Mom and Dad's on Sunday, which I am looking forward to. Dad just got back the results of his latest scan for the lung cancer, and one year later, it looks like it is still in check! Woohoo!! Even the radiation "shadows" they were seeing (scar tissue from the intense treatment they hit him with) seems to be clearing up.

My mom had a stent put in a few weeks ago, scary. But she is doing well, and they are now trying to figure out why she is feeling a bit blah....she takes care of everyone else, and now she is finally looking into some issues she has had for awhile. Glad she is, but wish she had done it sooner, but "get it". We women tend to put ourselves on the back burner in the health department.

The kids are all doing great! Sam is still looking for a job, but unfortunately, with the economy the way it is, she isn't having much luck. I feel for her, she wants to be working so badly.

Tom begins summer school, 2 days a week, for work in math, this week. He desperately needs the additional tutoring. I hope it helps, but I am not optimistic. Math is just not a subject he grasps, even with one on one help.

Joe is plotting and planning how he will spend his summer, and most of it involves being on the water (local lake).

Have a safe weekend, enjoy your family time!! I will post pictures of the garden later.

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