July 10, 2011

Sunday Scribbles

"Sundays at this farmish place are reserved for Scribbles - short, random musings that collect while my mind has time to wander on this day of (supposed) rest. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own in the comments." -Inspired by Mama Tea at A Farmish Kinda Life.

1. Been working like mad with the new system coming in at work. We are able to do some things, but not others as of today.

2. Using the new system hasn't been without it's technical glitches, which IT seems able to resolve fairly quickly (except one).

3. Ok, make that 2 glitches, just got another email.

4. Love love love that I can log in from home and do some of my work from here. When we have to work weekends, like we did this past one, it makes it great if I can do some from home.

5. I am tired. Working straight out for a few weeks to get ready for this, and now trying to get work that we have been holding into the new system, makes for a tired Momma.

6. I like the new system alot. Much faster, more accountability, better format from the dinosaur system we had been using.

7. Due to all the working and the iffy weather, the garden is slow going....but going.

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