August 25, 2011

And the pain goes on..

Let's be honest here......CRPS stinks! I went to see the surgeon yesterday who did my original operation 3 years ago. He had removed part of my collar bone that had been crushed. Yesterday he reviewed the xrays my family doctor took on Monday, after the canoe incident.

The good news, nothing is broken, cracked, or chipped. Tomorrow morning I go in for an MRI to make sure nothing is torn. But both the doctor and I are in agreement that it is most likely the CRPS.

I called my boss to update him, and one of the questions he asked was "What about the job?" As if I hadn't been thinking about that all week. But he is a boss, and as nice as he is, he wasn't asking out of concern for my financial future. He is asking because he is struggling. I get that, but my first concern has to be my arm, and how not not to lose complete use of it (a very real possibility if I am not careful).

I do know that I can cover rent with my SSDI and child support. I don't like it, but I am asking for my food stamps to be raised back up since I don't have a paycheck, but we do what we have to do. My daughter has agreed, with her paycheck from her job, to help cover the $300/month in utilities, and any small incidentals. That just leaves one more thing to be addressed...fuel assistance. I wasn't going to apply this year, but it looks like I might have to after all.

These are the things that have been racing through my brain all week. Can we make it if I can't work? The answer is yes. Tight, sure. But we can make it. Which brings me to the question my boss brought up today....What about the job? And when it comes right down to it, my arm is more important than a paycheck.

I had already started putting some ducks in a row for working from home in a year or two, so my plan is to ramp them up. My biggest frustration is the pain level. That is the first goal....bringing that down to a bearable level. I can handle being the one armed bandit. I did it for nearly 3 years after the original injury.

What are your priorities? Do you have them in the right order?

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