August 30, 2011

And...I'm back:)

When I get my own place, and decided to go off-grid, it will not be completely. I want solar. I want my electricity. Yes, I am a whimp.

Hurricane Irene hit us with a pretty good force, but compared to other areas we made out very well. Some downed trees, power lines, etc. But no horrific damage. But no power for 48 hours was too much.

My mother, who lives less than 5 miles from me, had hers back 24hrs earlier than I did. The store and pub down the bottom of my hill had it back this morning. I came home from my mom's at noon to check, and we still didn't have it. I came back at 2 and it was on. Hallelujah!

The vacuum never sounded sweeter! The hum of the washing machine. Being able to use my gas oven to cook dinner (yes, it has an electronic ignition, thus could only use the top for 2 days)....The joy of fresh brewed coffee tomorrow morning (NOTE TO SELF: Get the darn percolator next time you are at Kmart).

So yes, I want to be self-sufficient, just with power lol!


  1. My husband says the same thing, LOL. So we won't get off the grid until we can produce our own electricity. Glad things weren't worse for you.