August 27, 2011


Yesterday I supervised as the boys rearranged the garage, so that we could fit the bikes and other miscellaneous stuff in there, that had been sitting outside. If you look at the map above, where the 75mph line is...we are just north and east of that, on the NH and Maine border.

It's anyone's guess how strong the winds actually will be, one weather station says one thing....and ten others have differing opinions. But, like most New Englander's, I have the mindset that is better to be safe than sorry. So we have already picked up some necessities at the grocery store, will have water stored by the end of the day, flashlights and spare batteries available, and the yard is nearly cleaned up. Just a few more things to finish up and we will be set. One thing I need to remember is to get all the storm windows down tonight before bed. Just a little extra protection in case of debris flying.

We also have the sump pump ready to go, and will double check the basement for anything low on the floor that needs to be picked up. Not sure if we will actually see enough water to have it be an issue, but don't want to lose the few things I have down there.

I hope everyone is taking this storm seriously, and that you all stay safe.


  1. Its hard to know what to do when all the weather guessers are saying different things, but you're right - it is best to be safe, not sorry. I hope you make it safely through this storm. I'm crossing my fingers for you! :)

  2. Thanks so much Mama Tea:) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I agree with your mindset! Hopefully all is well.

  4. Thanks Leigh:) We are ramping up into the worst of it now, thankfully the wind speeds are dropping some as it moves inland. Still wild to watch the winds though.