August 21, 2011

Lady Lindsay

Thanks to Joe's 8th grade teacher, Miss Hadzima, he got a scholarship to a boat building class at the NH Boat Museum, in Wolfeboro. He was signed up to build a two-man canoe in two weeks.

As you can see, she is a beauty! He did an amazing job, and I heard nothing but praises from all who ran the program. When he was waiting on something on his boat to dry, he was the first to help someone else, and actually helped 4 other kids with theirs over the course of the two weeks.

I am so grateful to everyone involved, who helped Joe achieve one of his dreams. He learned so much from this class, which will help him in his boat adventures down the road. The canoe he built is called the 6 hour canoe. It is made using mostly plywood.

Bill, on the left, from the Lyman Group, which sponsored Joe's scholarship

As part of their course, each of the kids also had to write a thank you letter to the group/person who sponsored their scholarship. Joe's letter got rave reviews from everyone I spoke to at the last day's launching party. They are going to send copies to the trustees of the museum, and probably put it on display at the museum as well. He explained how much boating meant to him, and also included some recently discovered family history that took place in this area (unbeknownst to us until a few months ago....we always thought we all started our family history in CT).

All in all, it was an amazing experience for Joe, and he can't wait to use his new skills he learned, to build some more boats....we have found a great site online with free plans. Also a HUGE shout out to my dad, for driving Joe each day to Wolfeboro, and then bringing him back home, while I worked! You are amazing Dad!!

Hope you all had a blessed week.


  1. That's awesome! What a great opportunity. :) And kudos to Joe for being such a helper to everyone else. You done good!

  2. Tanks, and yes it was an amazing opportunity!